Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ALICE in the kicthen:)

well, today my post will be ALICE IN THE KITCHEN!!!! today i was in kitchen to make a food@@ spaghetti carbonara mushroom cream!! i just learn it from internet recipes so direct run to my kitchen to make some of it.since i doesn't have any thing to do so today i gonna learn and make some spaghetti fro my self. well, it might kind of training my self to cook well in future..hehehehe:P i mean, I'm not that kind of girl that really love to cook or in kitchen.! but in somehow, as the human being we have to know how to cooking for our self so we wont get starve by self. hahaha:)

my mom always nagging me said that" you should know how to cook girl, when you live apart from you family, staying by you self , you gonna learning to live independent girl", i was like" okay mom, i will learn it when i feel to learn it" wakakakakaka xD and now here i am in the kitchen!!! my mom was so shocked that, "WOW!!!, are you for real in the kitchen now to cook??" i like " YES!!! i am" **burst laughter** :D

So check out my very first journey to make a SPAGHETTI CARBONARA MUSHROOM CREAM:~~~:D

Ready to EAT now.... :D

Two item at the same time to cook....haha:P

my ingredient to put in my spaghetti

Boiling the spaghetti

Prepared my item for my first try spaghetti


  1. I always thought spaghetti is the easiest food to cook. By the way, you might be interested in Prego Cheese & Herbs. It's my fave! :D

  2. Nicole - Top To Toe: aww!! thank you.:P

    liling t. : aww!! i do hear it, well, gonna try it someday..:P

  3. Yum that looks amazinggg! :)

  4. Your blog is very nice.:) do not know you have decorated musical notes by moving it this way?

  5. Nice blog, the food looks yum!

  6. Are those hash browns? I cook the same way! :) I find whatever it is in my pantry and kitchen and make it work. Good job!

  7. Looks yummy :) will deff try to cook this :)

  8. can i join you? lol it looks yummy love pasta nice blog :) im your new follower hope you can follow me back :)

  9. looks delicious girl! making me hungry.

  10. great post darling! I totally love you blog...

    ps I would like to invite you to my first giveaway