Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello guys!! how you guys been? hope everybody is doing well in this weekend.:) well, my weekeds going well as i(myself) and my family going out to have same road night? uppPPs, did i said "ROAD NIGHT" hahaha:) as you guys know, my little sister just get her car last Wednesday!!!! aww!!! i really happy for her. congratulation!!!! :D hehehe so we decided to have some road night at weekends with my mom and my other brother/sister. so we went to shopping mall to have some window shopping..haha:) cus honestly, we never really been to shopping in just a freedom way as back days, we dint have a any car so it pretty much very hard to us to go out and we have to take a public bus before nights time as there is no bus that working after 8:00pm so there is quite a limited time for us to have a window shopping wherever we going out. so we really happy have a car now, and we can go anywhere and can go at night time watch movie, have a dinner and so on.hehe:) "THANK GOD"

so, after we have a window shopping, we went to have dinner in the beach which there alot shop that selling alot of food and food stalls.:P there a various food that we can choose like Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, western food and so on. so it quite very nice place to have dinner over there and you taste any food that you love.;) I REALLY LOVE TO EAT!!!! hahaha:P after we finished our dinner over there, we went to PARK which is the new park that visitors are entertained with musical water fountain and I must say I'm impressed with the display and not forgetting they play some of my favorite 90's songs as well which is it remind us alot back day songs.hehe:) we really having alot of fun time there with our mum and i was happy that we all enjoy this days with a great days with a big smile. ^__________^


  1. awesome photos! looks like you had a great time :)

  2. LaVitaChristina : aww!! thank you.:)

    Leigh: hehe:) thank you.:) yes, i am..ehhe:)

    From Broadway : OMG!!! i really love eta CORN!!!! hahaha:D

  3. So lovely pictures, looks like you had fun! :)

  4. NiNJADALiA.: aww!!! thank you:P yes, i do:)