Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hrmmmp....DATE LIFE..?

phew!! DATE LIFE? question really disturbing me a lot and was really annoying by some of my friends.hehe:D keep asking me:
1)hey, are you in date now
2) hey you seeing someone special now
3) Do you have a boyfriends now
oh gosh, sometimes i just feel like wanna say that "you know what, i a married woman now...!!" hahahaha xD sometime i really tired to answer all those question specially my love life..huh...when i said that i didn't have someone or seeing someone special now, people just don't believe it on me..!!:D sometimes i really think it so funny, when i saying it not true, my friend think it was joke but when i said that i do have someone then they said "you must joke on me" !! hahahaha.:P well, honestly, i really never been on date or specific to say that I NEVER DATE SOMEONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE UNTIL NOW..:D so i guess there alot of my friends that know me, they will said that,"Don't you ever wanna fall in love with someone and try been date, sure you will find it fun to go out with someone." hahahahahahaha:P
i mean, it not that i dun like to to date someone, but i just feel that need to enjoy my life now as a single life and at this moment i still dint get to find my MR. RIGHT that i really have a BIG-BIG CRUSH ON HE!!!! hehehe:) ^.^ i sure everyone must or do dream to have they partner of life, that we can holding hands each other, grow up together to until the days we getting old. i always get jealous on those old couple people when i was shopping in mall, i always see those old couple, i wil wonder if i could be like them one day, have someone hold my hands and walk my life with the most happiness. it must not easy to achieved those kind relationship cus some people spend of there rest of life without they partner and some of people spend they rest of life with they partner until the death. so it very important to appreciation what we have around us especially the one we love. :D


  1. Oh, hope Mr right will find you sweetie!
    'Finding each other' is a better way of saying it, I think!


  2. Len♥reNeverM♥re : aww!! thank you sweeties.:) same goes to you..:)

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  4. Hey... Have fun being single! I had my first boyfriend when I was 17 and I don't really remember how being single feels like anymore. It's true that at some point in our lives we would want someone to grow old with. Prince charming is coming your way so don't worry! :D

  5. liling t.: haha:P aww..that great you have yo first love..ehhe:) well, it true, at the same point we really need someone beside us to be.:) thank you :) sure someday will meet MR.RIGHT..ehhehe;)same goes to you.:)