Saturday, 2 April 2011

IT APRIL 2011 !!! :D

well, it APRIL!!! wow...time goes by so fast man!!! huh...left a few month before going 2012!!! oh gosh, why the time goes so fast....can we make it stop awhile...hehe? well...i dun think so, time will never stop for us just like we wish it. :D okay, *back t my story line today, today i going to post about my favorite COOKIES!!! OH MAN...THIS COOKIES REALLY DAMN YUMMY, you guys should try it out, but as i hear that, it very hard to found in superstore or market, well* that right as i been search this cookies in superstore or market, it like follow a season ..** :D it product by denmark country so i guess all people that living in Denmark know this cookies.hehe:)



  1. I haven't had those cookies in a long time, yum

  2. you ever try those cookies? well, it really hard to found it at here..:P hehe