Monday, 4 April 2011


Today i wanna story about my experience beauty here, well...this is the first time i talk about it. hehe:) i sure all of us in this world just pretty in the way we are right? and i always believe that we are beautiful in our way. and there is no or any one that be calling UGLY PERSON? hmmrp...cus i always believe that, only the lazy people that lazy to make them self looking good and wanna be UGLY PERSON correct right?? hihihihih..hehehe;) well..well..well..that how i be one of those lazy person to make me look better, back day, cus i went through all these process when i was young specially in high school time, i always be despite by some people saying that, " look ugly girl", then someone will say like this to me" wear something better yea if we hang out together k" these word really so hurts to hear but i never actually reflect of those word. cus i believe very beauty have they quality of they beauty. when i was still in high school, i dun even or ever put some on make up and wear something nice for myself to look better. b'cus at that time i still in the process that lazy and plus i dun even know how to be a fashion or wore a very nice clothes on myself. so i just be a just normal kids beside of the door and watching those girl wear something nice and looking pretty wit they outfit.:( it quite hard when someone say these worst word on you, you have to be strong and think positive way to make those word became you guide in every single day. i believe beauty is something we cannot buy or just take it away like we buying something. when i start enter my college life, from there i start learning about truly beauty and learning my truly beauty too:) start to learning the fashion and start to make my self looking better and wear a nice clothes and all those things, i learning step by step and i not doing all this to change my life to became a super beautiful in this world or make people jealous but i doing this is to make my self looking good for me and make my life more enjoyable to myself ;) and FINALLY i can found my truly self in those behind secret beauty of myself. and now i can really believe that beauty is something you must find it in you self inside and outside and you just have to believe you self and find these beauty in yourself. i never admit or saying i a beautiful person but i can said that i really beautiful in my way:D and NOW, i just continue my life as my beauty life to live on and i wanna tell everyone specially my FOLLOWER here, you guys all BEAUTIFUL IN THE WAY YOU ARE. ;) just believe what you have and appreciate all that we have it in this world. :)


  1. I don't see the point of being physically beautiful when one does not have a beautiful heart. Don't worry, girl. I'm sure you're beautiful inside out. :)

    Also, thank you for the blog follow! Have a great day, luv! :)

  2. liling t.: aww!! thank you..totally agree with you.:)