Monday, 9 May 2011

Baking cake for mother's day

yuppps!!! me n my other sibling baking a cake for our mom for MOTHER'S DAY!! we soo exicetd to bake it as it was really first time baking a cake n mak eit specially for our mom.hehe:P well, at first i think it was soo hard n many things to do so we kind like too lazy to make it n do but dunno why suddenly our mood was like very attracted to make a cake so, we decide baking a cake even it was first try but at least we can show how our effort to our beloved mom. wakakakakakakakak:D and the most funny is we bake our cake at the night time, **sound crazy huh baking a cake at night time** but who care n the most crazy is we manage bake TWO CAKE IN HOUR!!! hahaha:P until my sister n brother get soo sleepy. hihi:P
but any way, the cake turn in very good taste n my mom like it even though it not really nice**i mean, the decoration of the cake but still it very yummy n taste. :D


  1. wow, how scrummy does this look! well done with baking it xx

  2. Nicole - Top To Toe: hahahahaha:D thank you.:P bt on the next time baking cake dff will do better than this.:)

  3. That's so sweet of you. waiting for my partner to buy me an oven so i can baje as well.

    Just followed you blog.
    Hope you follow mine too...

  4. Nicole - Top To Toe: aww!! thank you:P well, it my first time baking a cake so it might didn't looking good..hehe bt i'm sure in my next time making it diff will be better than tis..hehe:D

    Sweethestia: aww!!! thank you for follow me.:P i sure you can do it!! :)