Wednesday, 11 May 2011

That MEE!!!! On mother's day :P

PEACE yo!!! :D

snap a picture with that BLACK CUP!!! hehe

i look sooo funny here.:P

i really love my shoes here, i brought it in the cheap price n it look simple n nice!! :P

Okay!!!! do i look messy around or look funny? haha:d well, yes, i do look messy n looking funny!!! wakakaka:D bt i do enjoy it as it for specially day for me as it HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mother in this world and specially to my beloved MOMMY!!!! :)

Have a great days everyone!!! :P


  1. pretty girl I like you lace top!
    I have a similar one but it's white :)

    oh BTW, I'm having my birthday giveaway. You can check it here:
    Misskatv's Birthday Sigma Brush Giveaway

    xoxo, Kat :)

  2. you look awesome! love the shoes

  3. Fantasy Candy : aww!!! thanks sweeties. :D

    MissKatv : aww!! thanks sweeties. really? well, lately i get obsess with lace!! ahaha:P

    owh, thanks diff will check it out.:)

    Peach Crush : aww!! thanks soo much:P appreciation it.:) well have to agree it, i really do shoes like that simple n casual.:)

  4. your sandals looks like candy!!!

  5. Label me Addict: aww!!! then i have to have a bite of it.wakakkaka:P thanks for the comment. :)

  6. Amazing pics!
    Lovely blog! Following! Follow back?

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything at House of Lavande, because it was very pricey-just admired all of the jewels!

  8. Hi there! Thanks for finding my blog and following. I am always happy to follow back :) Looking forward to seeing more great posts.

  9. omg! I super love your sandals!

  10. Fun photos! You should check me out I just found your cute blog if you like my blog too you should
    Follow Me I always Follow back :)

  11. you are so pretty...

    and just a note hehe :) i would suggest if you consider pulling your shirt down next time you use the short hehe

    I like your top and I so love the shoes, so nice looks wearable.

  12. You're very gorgeous!
    And you were wearing such a cute outfit! :)

  13. Love your shoes!! Now I need to run out and get new summer shoes :x lol

  14. those shoes are super cute! following you now, hope you follow back :)


  15. Cute outfit, you have a cute little blog, this looks like a fun shopping trip.

    Following you now.

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  16. Ohhh! I love your shirt!!~ (: I love those lacey time shirts~ >< You look so pretty!! (:

  17. strawberry Princess: aww!! thank you.:P apprectit it but i kind bored every time pull all those down so tis time just try o match with that short pants.ehehe:)

    NiNJADALiA.: aww!! thank you sweeties.:)

    Catalina : hahah:P thanks sweeties,then you better do buy some out there.:P

    Haze : aww!! thanks sweetie, diff will follow you back.:)

    Dale : aww!! thanks sweeties:D love it.

    mimi : aww!!! thanks, have a great day:P

  18. nice top :)

  19. Aleksandra : aaww!! thank you:)

  20. Nice shoes! All these buttons are colorful, cool for summer.

  21. Fashion Insanity: thanks you:D

    Koltunovskaya : aww!! thanks,i do agree with u:P