Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Took soo long to forget it.

It really being a really year now, it does feel so different day by day, years by years, month by month. i learn it every minute to learn my life and grow up in this situation. nothing is bad but life just full will hidden and lie that we didn't know how it gonna be someday. it really took so long to live and remember all those day & year. it really getting more and more feeling, those feeling getting worst and worst until didn't know how to expose those words cus it just too heavy to said and talk and think it. but i learn to have a life with my whole life with strong heart. i wish that i could miss those word before i moving to my other chapter of my life so that i wont be hurt and feel those pain memories. how i wish that it could be just erase and gone and never come back again to me even it took so long to throw it away but it back and once again past never really pass behind it just gonna stay in the same line. it gonna back and gone without any left word to said. don't wanna fee soo complaint of my life was but it somehow it does make me feel so hard to breath on it. even how many time i taking a deep breath to let it go but it seem like very hard to let go.i wish i could find a way to throw away all the problem in my mind. i know it might take a long2 way to throw but i been waiting the day been throw it but it keep come and come and haunted my life. but i always keep remind my self..life still moving on so do we as, time will never ever stop for us. keep live our life like there is no tomorrow and i sure everything happen in our life there always have a reason n plan for us that only god know it. and i know he(god) will always show the way i supposed to be.

love alice

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