Sunday, 26 June 2011


Yups, i am a TWILIGHT lover to this movie!!!! i just love this story love vampire and just a simple/normal women that fall in love, i sure alot people love this movie right...? hehe:) well, i must give my respect to the WRITER that already write this most incredible story that really sooo heartbreaking n most amazing story that people couldn't ever to experience and feeeeel how that feel to be in love with vampire..hahaha:D When it first come out on the screen cinema i was soo excited!!! i still remember when i first watching this movie, i was soo nervous to dead..Ooppps!!! *it really does happens to me as i feel soo nervous to watching his movie cus it just soo good n romance** :) when the BELLA(KRISTEN STEWARD) AND EDWARD(ROBBERT PATTISON) on the scree i was like WOW!!!!!! THEY SUCH A GOOD LOOKING AND SOOO GOOD TO BE EACH OTHER!!! *if them really a couple in reality i definitely will support them and hope they can be married** LOL, am i think too much already?? hahahaha:D i guess, YES I AM...!!! haha:)

even though, i not the great fans on ROMANCE STORY but watching TWILIGHT definitely open my eye til big as romance also can be do something like this and yes, it just happen in the way they are. i mean, they really acting soo cool and soo damn nice!!! i just love they respond each other, they not acting too cute but they just all in one, abit cute, abit sexy,abit jealous, they just all a bit here!!! how i wish i could get a BF like EDWARD...HUHU..I must be really out of mind to have this dream !!!wakakakaka XDDD and not forgot to lovely JACOB(TAYLOR LAUTNER) HE just soo amazing with that body sooo muscles and he soo freaking HOTTTT young man !!!!

i really cannot wait for the:

that coming soon in big screen cinema!!! so guys, let us get ready for those cinema near by~~~hehehehe:P

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Huhu, yeah, i still online at this h0ur? it about to 2'clock now in morning, i still online n write my random night with this blogger. ehhe:D i must admit that only blogger in my place to be talk,write, telling story here.:) so i really glad that i found this blog..>.<
for all that happen in my life now, i getting use it but at the same time, i getting more scared than before. hrmm...i alwaaays mention here that i scared of what goonna be my future ,my dream, my hope my wish. at this dark night n hotttt night that keep me sweat alot as i feel like my hall body on fire n burning!!! hrmmpp....make me getting nervous n sit on my bed n write my though tonight make me getting nervous, nervous n nervous as i get a feell like i might get turn as a person that really let everyone down. sometimes life can be sooo sweet,salty,pain,happy, sad....but with circle in our living life, i never found anything yet to describe how my life as being a person n human being.
i feel regret for all the decision i ever make it but once it pass out then it will nevr turning back again in our lifetime. but if rather my decision could yo give me another chance again to make it better again for my future ..? i really wanna turn back the time for me n turn all the good things beside me so that i wont be regret soo much like now. it soo mean to my own self that i could make a better decision for my own good. i feeling broken down n fell soo guilty to myself. how i just wish that i could get another shooot again but i know it wont be easy as we wish it to happen just like that.

If there another chance again, i will never let it go away~~~~

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A beautiful sunday with our mumy day

That meee n my mummy
we don't really look alike right....? haha:D

After back home, this what we do !!! SNAP A PICTURE AGAIN...AGAIN...N AGAIN...wuahahhaha:D

On our way back home after n snap again a picture of her in car~~~kekeke

That on eof my mom friend also the team member dance with my mummy

And this time with my younger brother n sister~~

Here again.....

AWW!!! snap my mom picture when she was eating here!! does she look soo young when she do that?..!!
That my younger brother trying to look cool here? hrmm...i dont think soo...haha:D

Sorry it look dark abit when cus i forgot to on the FLASH again..hehe:)

Waiting their turn to dance on!!! ROCK these stage mom!! :D

That my mom team member dance and see how UNIQUE their costume right? hrmmmm

That my mum at PURPLE dress as u can see, my mom a bit big n she look HOTTT and GORGEOUS! She just rock on it!! :)

The weather was sooo good!!! :D n we on our way to church at this beautiful Sunday morning!

On the beautiful Sunday, we went to church and at this specially days, it is HAPPY FATHER'S DAY celebration so our church having some performance which is on of them is our MUMMY performance their culture costume TORAJA. it really sooo awesome to see our mummy dance even though they practice in short time but their manage to learn it and performance it well and i can see that how people really enjoy they performance and they really surprised by!!! as we living n born in malaysia so me and my other siblings quite not really know how my mom culture in Indonesia so watching our mom dance on their culture it really make us proud of our mom n we really soo proud to be it!!!! :D

having a mixed culture and blood mixed is really great b'cus i have two different culture in my body n life!!! PHEW!!! isn't sound great!!! hahahhahah:D anyway, back to my story ion our beautiful Sunday with our mom, so i just snap abit picture at church and also at home with our mom and we gotta play these
jewelry before our mom put it back..haha:D *such as naught kids we are* hehehe:P


Sunday, 19 June 2011


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to every father's in the world specially, my father !!!! hope you keep stay in good healthy n have a great2 life.:)


Close up face shot~~~haha:D

Phew~~~~!!!!! i was totally crazy in night time, as i really suupppper bored to death until i was snap a picture by myself...!!! XDD when i pull up my hair like this, my face look very round right? haha:) like a moon? hihihihihi:D BTW, have a great day everyone n THANKS YOU TO MY NEW FOLLOWER that FOLLOW HERE:) LOVE YOU GUYS N KEEP IN TOUCH~~~

Love alice

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Random FLOWERS Pic.

Those flower is my FAVORITE!! i just fall in love with those flowers and the color was sooo AWESOME!!!! maybe i should name it as ALICE FAVORITE FLOWERS~! hehe:D so enjoy it:)~~~~

This give me feel like summer/winter days n romantics situation.:P hehe

the dog shape have been cover with a COLORFUL FLOWERS!!! it really great n pretty~~:)

I have no idea whether it is a FLOWER SHOP or just other shop that decorate with flower here~~Hrmmmm

This is soo unique for me, as it be surrounding with those flowers around with the shape been make on.:)