Friday, 3 June 2011

Am in the right way to go......Those???

So this is how human always struggling how to choice which way should it be in our line future. having soo many choice in every decision is totally ain't good for me, me been really look hard and trying hard to looking what i been looking for but it turn in many way that i really never ever dream it.
Always listen to people said "every opportunities have come toward , dun ever miss it out as it might been you chance to change you life time" really hearing this word for such along time and it still FRESH in my mind but what if there alot choice to been giving there? scared to lost my way to grab a opportunities, scared might end to choice a wrong way for my future, scared i might being late to achieved all my if i end to get a wrong direction.? there many my List waiting for me to accomplished it and achieved it. there many i wanna do but i scared i might upset and disappointing them so maybe this is why i always have a question mark in my head whether or should i choice it or continue it...
Being or get a opportunities be a Model is like a Dream come true and it really unbelievable i mean, being model should have a great figure and all those NATURAL BEAUTY right? so i wonder am i one of this all....?? Hrmmmm....
Stewardess? being a stewardess is my really big2 dream to having in my life!!! as it such a young girls sweetheart dream right? so do i!!!! But it really not easy to be stewardess as it required many things to be qualification as to be and i dunno if i choice to be it i kind not sure whether i gonna be a stewardess too? as i been calling a few school of cabin crew and the most important is no guarantee it like 50-50% that if we study the course really gonna be a stewardess. so i kind feel soo like " This is the right way to choice to go through" cus i scared it might not turn as i tot too.

so i really struggling alot too make these step as i really don't know which way to get a best decision for the best step in future. my mind almost wanna blow way now...hehe:D hopefully i will get a better choice for my future now~~~Amen. *finger cross*


  1. awwwww~ if you really want to do something, do it!~ Don't let percentages or anything weigh you down~ stewardess sounds like a cool job despite the tiredness!! & you get to travel to all these new places so it has its perks too!~ ^^

  2. yeah, really do agree with you but in mine situation do make me to think alot than making a decision. that make me hate tho most part of me..hehe:D anyway..thanks for the advice:)

  3. Don't despair! I'm sure you'll find your way :)
    Hope it all goes well!

    Thanks for sharing and visit me too!

  4. lovely blog
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  5. louise: aww!!! thanks you:P i hope it too:D finger cross:)

    samecookiesdifferent: aww!!! thanks diff will visit u blog too~~