Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A beautiful sunday with our mumy day

That meee n my mummy
we don't really look alike right....? haha:D

After back home, this what we do !!! SNAP A PICTURE AGAIN...AGAIN...N AGAIN...wuahahhaha:D

On our way back home after n snap again a picture of her in car~~~kekeke

That on eof my mom friend also the team member dance with my mummy

And this time with my younger brother n sister~~

Here again.....

AWW!!! snap my mom picture when she was eating here!! does she look soo young when she do that?..!!
That my younger brother trying to look cool here? hrmm...i dont think soo...haha:D

Sorry it look dark abit when cus i forgot to on the FLASH again..hehe:)

Waiting their turn to dance on!!! ROCK these stage mom!! :D

That my mom team member dance and see how UNIQUE their costume right? hrmmmm

That my mum at PURPLE dress as u can see, my mom a bit big n she look HOTTT and GORGEOUS! She just rock on it!! :)

The weather was sooo good!!! :D n we on our way to church at this beautiful Sunday morning!

On the beautiful Sunday, we went to church and at this specially days, it is HAPPY FATHER'S DAY celebration so our church having some performance which is on of them is our MUMMY performance their culture costume TORAJA. it really sooo awesome to see our mummy dance even though they practice in short time but their manage to learn it and performance it well and i can see that how people really enjoy they performance and they really surprised by!!! as we living n born in malaysia so me and my other siblings quite not really know how my mom culture in Indonesia so watching our mom dance on their culture it really make us proud of our mom n we really soo proud to be it!!!! :D

having a mixed culture and blood mixed is really great b'cus i have two different culture in my body n life!!! PHEW!!! isn't sound great!!! hahahhahah:D anyway, back to my story ion our beautiful Sunday with our mom, so i just snap abit picture at church and also at home with our mom and we gotta play these
jewelry before our mom put it back..haha:D *such as naught kids we are* hehehe:P



  1. I love seeing other people in traditional culture costumes. It looks so beautiful! and you and your mum don't look alike at all. But both so pretty!

  2. JelenaDoll ~: aww!! thanks you dolls!! really appreciation it soo much as i really gonna learn all these culture that hv in my blood now..hehe:D yups, we do dont look alike at all, when we shopping together in the mall some these sale girl wiil ask me is ""that you friend..? so me n my mom just admit that we really friends!!! haha:D

  3. oh wow that looks so interesting and so cool! :)
    and those costumes are really beautiful :)

    ♥, Peppie

  4. peppie: aww!!! thanks you soo much..::::::D

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming!  I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  6. eimi.desu : aww!!! thanks you soo much..really appreciation it!! u too have a great blog:) follow you back:D