Saturday, 25 June 2011


Huhu, yeah, i still online at this h0ur? it about to 2'clock now in morning, i still online n write my random night with this blogger. ehhe:D i must admit that only blogger in my place to be talk,write, telling story here.:) so i really glad that i found this blog..>.<
for all that happen in my life now, i getting use it but at the same time, i getting more scared than before. hrmm...i alwaaays mention here that i scared of what goonna be my future ,my dream, my hope my wish. at this dark night n hotttt night that keep me sweat alot as i feel like my hall body on fire n burning!!! hrmmpp....make me getting nervous n sit on my bed n write my though tonight make me getting nervous, nervous n nervous as i get a feell like i might get turn as a person that really let everyone down. sometimes life can be sooo sweet,salty,pain,happy, sad....but with circle in our living life, i never found anything yet to describe how my life as being a person n human being.
i feel regret for all the decision i ever make it but once it pass out then it will nevr turning back again in our lifetime. but if rather my decision could yo give me another chance again to make it better again for my future ..? i really wanna turn back the time for me n turn all the good things beside me so that i wont be regret soo much like now. it soo mean to my own self that i could make a better decision for my own good. i feeling broken down n fell soo guilty to myself. how i just wish that i could get another shooot again but i know it wont be easy as we wish it to happen just like that.

If there another chance again, i will never let it go away~~~~

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