Sunday, 26 June 2011


Yups, i am a TWILIGHT lover to this movie!!!! i just love this story love vampire and just a simple/normal women that fall in love, i sure alot people love this movie right...? hehe:) well, i must give my respect to the WRITER that already write this most incredible story that really sooo heartbreaking n most amazing story that people couldn't ever to experience and feeeeel how that feel to be in love with vampire..hahaha:D When it first come out on the screen cinema i was soo excited!!! i still remember when i first watching this movie, i was soo nervous to dead..Ooppps!!! *it really does happens to me as i feel soo nervous to watching his movie cus it just soo good n romance** :) when the BELLA(KRISTEN STEWARD) AND EDWARD(ROBBERT PATTISON) on the scree i was like WOW!!!!!! THEY SUCH A GOOD LOOKING AND SOOO GOOD TO BE EACH OTHER!!! *if them really a couple in reality i definitely will support them and hope they can be married** LOL, am i think too much already?? hahahaha:D i guess, YES I AM...!!! haha:)

even though, i not the great fans on ROMANCE STORY but watching TWILIGHT definitely open my eye til big as romance also can be do something like this and yes, it just happen in the way they are. i mean, they really acting soo cool and soo damn nice!!! i just love they respond each other, they not acting too cute but they just all in one, abit cute, abit sexy,abit jealous, they just all a bit here!!! how i wish i could get a BF like EDWARD...HUHU..I must be really out of mind to have this dream !!!wakakakaka XDDD and not forgot to lovely JACOB(TAYLOR LAUTNER) HE just soo amazing with that body sooo muscles and he soo freaking HOTTTT young man !!!!

i really cannot wait for the:

that coming soon in big screen cinema!!! so guys, let us get ready for those cinema near by~~~hehehehe:P


  1. Woot! I love twilight too! <3 I can't wait to watch this movie. =D

  2. i love twilight (:

    I know this might be a weird question but I'm looking for a few girls to kinda be pin pals with (I don't know if that's what you want to call it or not) but like send each other things for Birthdays and Christmas also since you live somewhere different I think it would be neat I love all their goodies you can't get hear especially the makeup and candy!! (:

    Let me know your thoughts!(:

    or you can email me



  3. Cute post!!
    Love your blog so much.)))

    I need your help...
    In August I depart to Greece on two weeks. I don't want to sit there on one place, I want to look at all most beautiful places.
    You were sometime in Greece? If yes, that there it is necessary to look and where it is possible to make beautiful photos?

    Thanks for earlier.)

  4. D.Sadie : aww!!! together we wait it coming soon!! <3<3

    Keisha : aww!!! that will be awesome!!! :D off course!!! :)

    Mary ♥ Mur : aww!! that awesome girls!! soo jealous on you.., wish i could go there too:) but dun worried much as GREEK really a nice place to be and i sure u will get alot interesting in there specially the place.:D

  5. i'm so excited!!! edward!!! :D