Thursday, 28 July 2011

Found something caught my eye!!! :)

Helllo everyone!!! i'm doping good? how about you guys? hope you guys doing well too:) take care.

How cute was it? hehe:P well, i don't if those meaning really what i have in my personality..hahahahahahahaXD
HELLOOOOOO~~~how everyone doing? i sure doing fine right? well, for this month i been quite less update my blogger, hrmmm...abit busy with my daily life here and sometimes just forgot to update my blogger here.hehehe:) as time fly soo fast i been really stress out for my life future now, well, i sure everyone does have a same thinking right?...hrrmmm...Sometimes i being soo dreamer and just don't wanna wake up from reality as reality is sooo BIG DEAL for me. hahahaha:D but that what we have to pass out right? this is the live about..STEP ON REALITY ~~hiax...just get to get through my day by day.:) Gambateh! BTW, i updated my latest you guys know that i still alive here AND i found something really cute while i shopping at book store and see what i found ~~IT my name that got meaning for each alphabet....heheheh:)

wow!!! my music list this month~~~

WELL, WELL, MUSIC IS MY LIFE NOW special in this month!!! This month, my music list soo damn full with the latest song! gonna share with you guys...that i most play on my mp3~~~~hehehe:D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy birthday to my super woman sister! a birthday month in our family and it little sister EMELIA!! WooooooooW!!! well, she getting so much grow up now, soon gonna to be a great WOMAN. :D
couldn't realize that time has fly like a wind, and now she sweet 17! i hope all her dream come true and always do the best on her life and study hard to achieved her dream and everything in her life.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello, hello, hello!!!! as here, it getting more into summer hot here so it getting hot and hot day by day:) how you guys been doing lately? busy.?? well, i guess everyone busy with their own way. hehe...i hope everyone doing good yea! for me, i quite busy with my sick, as i been sick sooo worst for about 4week so doesn't have time to update my blogger here:( and i really miss it but now i back here and feel soo good to be here:D

for the pas few day ago, i and my family went through such a super tragedy day for the whole day, it really feel just alive form the die, never ever though it will happen to us and we really never imagine hows our life without her. seeing she getting better, we all feel so relief and hoping that this will never happen again. Amen

Thursday, 14 July 2011


NOW, world getting so gossip up with DEMI LOVATO as she back with the new song, a new imagine so this is absolutely a supper fabulous gossip to talk about!. heheXD i soo falling in love with this song from the latest DEMI LOVATO- SKYSCRAPER!! I just soo good and PERSONALLY i think it fit so well to DEMI LOVATO voice! as i believe what she been through for her whole life as a young kids till now with so much happen around her, so i believe that what make this song soo special to her. and for such a young age get to through sometimes young kids doesn't have to experience it so fast and here she is demi lovato really experience it all so i really thumps up and so proud to her can get it ride and get her self back again and with the fresh of her. and here the latest song form her "SKYSCRAPER":

Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching teardrops in my hands
Only silence, as it's ending, like we never had a chance.
Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me?

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper

As the smoke clears
I awaken and untangle you from me
Would it make you feel better to watch me while I bleed
All my windows still are broken but I'm standing on my feet

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper

Go run run run I'm gonna stay right here
Watch you disappear yeah
Go run run run yeah it's a long way down
But I'm closer to the clouds up here

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Time is everything for everything we doing in our life, so do I'm. soon gonna be 2012 and we still have a few month left before moving to the next year, i always believe that every year definitely many things happen , i do experience it all in my days up and down so make me stronger to get through all those road in my life. sometimes, i feel like i been living in a weird life and person, i never really once act like the person i am i dunno how to be a really ME as i think, for my whole life i been stay up here i think i the person that so unidentified person maybe only GOD know who am i. i always have this wonder in my mind, why i always the one that feel the awkward here even it day by day, sometimes i do feel like i soo wrong to this kind of feeling. i dunno why but from the bottom deep of mine heart, i feel so awkward even we been living for such a long and the place give me to see the world. the way you treat me make me feel so weird and awkward to be around with you guys, pretending that i happy around make me feel so hurt from been happen for me, cus you just dunno how i suppose to feel those pain inside mine, i never talk out cus i not the type of person that will talk about my past and my present but i dunno how much longer i can keep those for myself, i really wish i could talk to someone but i always have this in my mind*saying that i couldn't talk to anyone as there many type of people that you can trust and they can be you ears but i dunno is this the best way to say it out as there many people that living much harder than mine so i shouldn't saying that i in the bad situation. ** for all the treat that i been through make me feel i cannot living in this way, why there always the blame on me when it not suppose to be my blame, i can understand sometimes, why hate me and give a name to the person like me? but if i could choice i would be not choice to born with but i never regret to here with you but if i really could choice to be then i really hope you can get a better kids than me. cus i know i never seem a nice infront you, maybe, you really glad to see me when the first day i'm in the world but with the hated you been care on maybe the days till now, it gonna be different than now right? i scared to talk about this, cus i always remind myself that " outside there alot of young kids that dint get a better life as i do, lost them parents,lost everything just like the world end but that how life, so we just keep moving on with god holding our hands for the better next day " make me stuck my mind that i shouldn't complaint or saying anything bad to my life as i'm really get a good life than people really need it actually. days by days, those awkward feeling really stress me out as i shouldn't have this kind of feeling toward them but i keep it too much in my deeper heart make me wanna crazy! I dunno if you ever tot the same think as think but the way u treat me remind me alot of how hate you are to me and remember for those things you ever done to me really hurt me alot and i dunno how i supposed to forgot it and get lost it from mine mind. it make a deeper scar of my heart till now but i still forgot you but the way you treat other and me totally different even do they did the same things but make me feel soo unfair and show me that how much that you really hate me. it not something i can forgot but it something that mark up on my heart and it became a scar that i couldn't ever erase it gone. Till now, i guess it not the hate but it Unlike feel to me right? i really wanna give you a better life than now, i not lost my road way to success, maybe you thinks i now didn't have any kind of guarantee or job but could you just give me a support and let me think about it, i really trying hard but if it didn't turn as i want it, i also couldn't do anything about it i just wish that you could give me a space and understanding. when you keep saying it, i really hurt by you word but i just make a silent and pretend not to hear it but i feel soo crying inside listen the way you talk ti me and it really make me wanna yell out but i can keep it cus this is not the first time i keeping it inside my fully scar heart. i crying not the things been have but i crying how come you dont get it and when it come to other step F side? i just don't want something could happen in future just i get a help from other "side" but you just throw you word like you didn't think much about it? i feel soo guilty to have this kind of feeling but i just couldn't help it out to hide my feeling. i just wish you could understand my little word here but i never blame you and other i just blame myself to have this kind of feel and i really hope i can throw all those painfully memories and back with the Real me and maybe that time will take much longer i could figure out. with the soo most i been memories with, happen and been through, it not something i can just forgot as i forgive for those people but it something left me a longer and much scar that i couldn't just erase it or throw it. cus it just still Light and every moment here. i scared with those memories and turning dark as my light goes to dark. moving on is something i can give it but moving on with such a haunted heart and unidentified really make me emotional everything to be talk about. maybe i just not ready yet to let go what really happen on me and still left the bigger scar that i never really throw it away. really hoping someday i could found my truly self and hope those memories will get away from me so day i will really go on my life with no more emotional leftover here. i could forgive for what happen those memories but i not sure if i could forgive for my self. cus so tired to chased by those darker and so tired to tears out every time and tired to feel i'm been lost and lost again by those darker road.even it really gonna lost mine haunted heart then please be lost it from beginning till now.IT FEEL LIKE A TIMELESS between mine and time.....

Weather hotttt is arrived now here!!!

PHEW!!!! This month and last month definitely the hot summer is arrived in here!!! it more than normally hot summer but it SUPPER HOT SUMMER!!! huish......i mean, it okay it a hot summer but it really turning hot soo badly here till sweat like taking a bath huh. i really do love summer but it not too much...haix...make me lazy to go out even go to market in morning, evening time so now me already chngeing into NIGHT WOMEN cus i been really outing or went to market in night time. haha *Funny right** hahhaha:D so i hope this gonna be end soon so the weather can back normal again. and i hope our EARTH in good shape and hope it gonna be fine and healthy for forever!!! LET'S PROTECT OUR EARTH AND MAKE IT ALWAYS STAY GOOD!!! just like Michael Jackson song" WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE FUTURE" !!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

updated loading......hehe

hey,hey,hey~~~!!!!wassup everyone here, well, i hope you guys doing well too and don't get sick yea. **Like meeee** talk bout this, i been really sick worst this few days, as got fever and my mouth swelling so damn soo hard to open my mouth till hard to eat but now everything is fine and good now so I'm soo super happy now!!! haha:D the hard time just pass out !!! hehehe:D

TODAY, was super hot day for me as i go to city to get some stuff plus go to banks as usually set up all the monthly bill.!! hehe well, it really so tired to went there n there but that kind one of my list monthly things that need to do it so get use it already. even it at hot summer and me sweat like taking a bath LOL. But i do enjoy it too as it one of my way to get loose some..hahahaha:P after been sitting at home for a hall days.haha:D as for yesterday, we went to city supermarket to buys some kitchen montly needs and having a dinner for the all family at BAK KUK TEH which is one of the Chinese herbal soup with mixed of meat. #Yummmy!!:D

Friday, 1 July 2011

AFTER SUCH A LONG,she and her:)

THAT US~~~:p

Align Centre


it getting dark.....and it time for us back home..

owhhh.....Noooooo!!!!! haha


After finished our dish, we snap a picture together and watch the sunset and ready to go home. peace yo!! :)

while we eat, we enjoy the sunset too as we got a best timing to watch it!! it!!

here we are, PICTURE time~~~

The soup sooo good !!! the soup make you obsessed once you taste it. haha

phew!!!! KON LAU MEE is sooo great!!!! and the fishball was sooo soft like a jelly....hehe:P absolutely my favorite MEE at here.

This is chili powder, aww..i never taste chili powder that soo tasting!!! and spicy!!

after, abit chilling around, we went to have a ROMANTICS SEA VIEW PLACE just three of us..hehe:) and we get a chance see the SUNSET!!!! yuhuuuuuu

Hahaha:P they really a big fans of those things~~~

I love this one!!!

How cute that elephant~~in various color~~

It all in PINK COLOR~~!!!

she tooo obsessed to STARBUCKS now~~~!!! haha:D specially to CHOCOLATE FLAVOR!


This our next STARBUCKS COFFEE!! it a favorite place to having a cup of chocolate chip!!! taste soo good but i sure all of us know that it quick expensive right...hehe:P

It bring back our memories when we in high school and use to be hang out like this and everything is feel so good:)

Having our lunch~~~chicken rice!!! been a long time dint eat this chicken rice:P when i was still in high school, in every Friday after class we went to shopping mall watching movie n went to eat this!! very economic for student like us but now, it double price already..:( but still taste good.

This me and my friend(elaine) doing some research about flowers...hrmmm? haha:P while waiting my other friends as she got class at this hours. hehe

This actually version of mini cooper car in the shopping shop F.O.S!! cute right..!!

This is super cuteeee!!! it is a CUTE BOTTLE TUBE!! from japan product too

U guys must wonder what was this, it actually a slippers but it kind for use at home only as it really think and easily wet. but still cute yea.

A few things that catch my eye cute !!!

haha:D this is the best scene ever!!! as u guys now, my friends(evannie) turn it like this.. haha XD

Outing my buddies, absolutely! my favorite day and supper fun crazy days!!! since it really been awhile didn't hang out with them and have gossip crazy life we have now. WELL, we been know each other for such a long time already it 15 years already we being friends, since secondary school until now, wow!!! i cant believe that our relationship being such a long time n hope we can last till the days we getting old :) there soo much thing we learning each other, even though we not always hang out or outing together but we always stay together and i really glad that our relationship staying in this way. i really glad fully with them two, them always cheer up with me and grow up with me. :D okay back to my story day hehehehe:)

Getting outing with them just like crazy, as we really talk alot and we have a very super CRAZY gossip in our story. As one of my friends(evannie) got class in afternoon, so we hang out abit at morning while wait the time passed at noon for my friend class time. so we decide sit in the shop/store have a drinks * it like high tea time, LOL** hahaha XD it soo funny feel like it been a year didn't meet up and talking to each other..wahahahaha:P but still it a best time we have. till in our talk we just realize that it almost a noon time so my friends(evannie) went back to her college so at the same me and my other friends(elaine) just chilling around and do some crazy day shopping. and too wait our friend(evannie) finished her class so we can continue a bit walk and went back home. hihi:P but at the time we wanna back, just cant get enough to hang out so we decide to hang out abit and we went to the waterfront which is a place of various food and also a place where there many tourist went there just to see the sunset as the place have a sea view and also the food is very nice. but the amazing of this day, is specially THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY ELAINE for everything that you done for me and evannie. really owe you that my lovers!!! love you very strong ooh.!!! :)