Friday, 1 July 2011

AFTER SUCH A LONG,she and her:)

THAT US~~~:p

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it getting dark.....and it time for us back home..

owhhh.....Noooooo!!!!! haha


After finished our dish, we snap a picture together and watch the sunset and ready to go home. peace yo!! :)

while we eat, we enjoy the sunset too as we got a best timing to watch it!! it!!

here we are, PICTURE time~~~

The soup sooo good !!! the soup make you obsessed once you taste it. haha

phew!!!! KON LAU MEE is sooo great!!!! and the fishball was sooo soft like a jelly....hehe:P absolutely my favorite MEE at here.

This is chili powder, aww..i never taste chili powder that soo tasting!!! and spicy!!

after, abit chilling around, we went to have a ROMANTICS SEA VIEW PLACE just three of us..hehe:) and we get a chance see the SUNSET!!!! yuhuuuuuu

Hahaha:P they really a big fans of those things~~~

I love this one!!!

How cute that elephant~~in various color~~

It all in PINK COLOR~~!!!

she tooo obsessed to STARBUCKS now~~~!!! haha:D specially to CHOCOLATE FLAVOR!


This our next STARBUCKS COFFEE!! it a favorite place to having a cup of chocolate chip!!! taste soo good but i sure all of us know that it quick expensive right...hehe:P

It bring back our memories when we in high school and use to be hang out like this and everything is feel so good:)

Having our lunch~~~chicken rice!!! been a long time dint eat this chicken rice:P when i was still in high school, in every Friday after class we went to shopping mall watching movie n went to eat this!! very economic for student like us but now, it double price already..:( but still taste good.

This me and my friend(elaine) doing some research about flowers...hrmmm? haha:P while waiting my other friends as she got class at this hours. hehe

This actually version of mini cooper car in the shopping shop F.O.S!! cute right..!!

This is super cuteeee!!! it is a CUTE BOTTLE TUBE!! from japan product too

U guys must wonder what was this, it actually a slippers but it kind for use at home only as it really think and easily wet. but still cute yea.

A few things that catch my eye cute !!!

haha:D this is the best scene ever!!! as u guys now, my friends(evannie) turn it like this.. haha XD

Outing my buddies, absolutely! my favorite day and supper fun crazy days!!! since it really been awhile didn't hang out with them and have gossip crazy life we have now. WELL, we been know each other for such a long time already it 15 years already we being friends, since secondary school until now, wow!!! i cant believe that our relationship being such a long time n hope we can last till the days we getting old :) there soo much thing we learning each other, even though we not always hang out or outing together but we always stay together and i really glad that our relationship staying in this way. i really glad fully with them two, them always cheer up with me and grow up with me. :D okay back to my story day hehehehe:)

Getting outing with them just like crazy, as we really talk alot and we have a very super CRAZY gossip in our story. As one of my friends(evannie) got class in afternoon, so we hang out abit at morning while wait the time passed at noon for my friend class time. so we decide sit in the shop/store have a drinks * it like high tea time, LOL** hahaha XD it soo funny feel like it been a year didn't meet up and talking to each other..wahahahaha:P but still it a best time we have. till in our talk we just realize that it almost a noon time so my friends(evannie) went back to her college so at the same me and my other friends(elaine) just chilling around and do some crazy day shopping. and too wait our friend(evannie) finished her class so we can continue a bit walk and went back home. hihi:P but at the time we wanna back, just cant get enough to hang out so we decide to hang out abit and we went to the waterfront which is a place of various food and also a place where there many tourist went there just to see the sunset as the place have a sea view and also the food is very nice. but the amazing of this day, is specially THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY ELAINE for everything that you done for me and evannie. really owe you that my lovers!!! love you very strong ooh.!!! :)


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