Thursday, 28 July 2011

Found something caught my eye!!! :)

Helllo everyone!!! i'm doping good? how about you guys? hope you guys doing well too:) take care.

How cute was it? hehe:P well, i don't if those meaning really what i have in my personality..hahahahahahahaXD
HELLOOOOOO~~~how everyone doing? i sure doing fine right? well, for this month i been quite less update my blogger, hrmmm...abit busy with my daily life here and sometimes just forgot to update my blogger here.hehehe:) as time fly soo fast i been really stress out for my life future now, well, i sure everyone does have a same thinking right?...hrrmmm...Sometimes i being soo dreamer and just don't wanna wake up from reality as reality is sooo BIG DEAL for me. hahahaha:D but that what we have to pass out right? this is the live about..STEP ON REALITY ~~hiax...just get to get through my day by day.:) Gambateh! BTW, i updated my latest you guys know that i still alive here AND i found something really cute while i shopping at book store and see what i found ~~IT my name that got meaning for each alphabet....heheheh:)


  1. haha what a cute name plate thing!~ XD & welcome back!! (: Don't stress too much about life~ ^^

  2. mimi : thank you! yeah...trying not too be stress it much..ehehe:P have a great day:)

    Bohemian vanity: Thanks you sweeties:) have a great day:)