Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello, hello, hello!!!! as here, it getting more into summer hot here so it getting hot and hot day by day:) how you guys been doing lately? busy.?? well, i guess everyone busy with their own way. hehe...i hope everyone doing good yea! for me, i quite busy with my sick, as i been sick sooo worst for about 4week so doesn't have time to update my blogger here:( and i really miss it but now i back here and feel soo good to be here:D

for the pas few day ago, i and my family went through such a super tragedy day for the whole day, it really feel just alive form the die, never ever though it will happen to us and we really never imagine hows our life without her. seeing she getting better, we all feel so relief and hoping that this will never happen again. Amen


  1. Welcome back, darling:)
    I hope everything turns out alright with you and your family. <3

  2. Wat happen...u dint say anything pun last night..later we chat..hehe

  3. yes the weather is ruining everything!!!

    and whatever that is happening in your family i hope all is alright!!!

  4. Neat blog! Would you like to follow each other!

  5. Keri : thanks, my dear sister, hope you doing well too yea at there:D

    ciana759 : hehe:P too busy listen to you story liao.:)

    Label me Addict : YES! agree with you:P thanks yea:P appreciation it.

    Harija: sure, no problem:P

  6. Alice: haha..bha later u on ym la..juz buzz me