Thursday, 7 July 2011

updated loading......hehe

hey,hey,hey~~~!!!!wassup everyone here, well, i hope you guys doing well too and don't get sick yea. **Like meeee** talk bout this, i been really sick worst this few days, as got fever and my mouth swelling so damn soo hard to open my mouth till hard to eat but now everything is fine and good now so I'm soo super happy now!!! haha:D the hard time just pass out !!! hehehe:D

TODAY, was super hot day for me as i go to city to get some stuff plus go to banks as usually set up all the monthly bill.!! hehe well, it really so tired to went there n there but that kind one of my list monthly things that need to do it so get use it already. even it at hot summer and me sweat like taking a bath LOL. But i do enjoy it too as it one of my way to get loose some..hahahaha:P after been sitting at home for a hall days.haha:D as for yesterday, we went to city supermarket to buys some kitchen montly needs and having a dinner for the all family at BAK KUK TEH which is one of the Chinese herbal soup with mixed of meat. #Yummmy!!:D


  1. it is REALLY hot herere in Singapore too :(

  2. yiqin; : aww!! really? here as well:)