Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weather hotttt is arrived now here!!!

PHEW!!!! This month and last month definitely the hot summer is arrived in here!!! it more than normally hot summer but it SUPPER HOT SUMMER!!! huish......i mean, it okay it a hot summer but it really turning hot soo badly here till sweat like taking a bath huh. i really do love summer but it not too much...haix...make me lazy to go out even go to market in morning, evening time so now me already chngeing into NIGHT WOMEN cus i been really outing or went to market in night time. haha *Funny right** hahhaha:D so i hope this gonna be end soon so the weather can back normal again. and i hope our EARTH in good shape and hope it gonna be fine and healthy for forever!!! LET'S PROTECT OUR EARTH AND MAKE IT ALWAYS STAY GOOD!!! just like Michael Jackson song" WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE FUTURE" !!!

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