Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Between the line...

yups..yups.....Now mee is between the line.......! i dunno what happen to me recently, everybody around me make me feel soo depressed too much..am i thinking too much or....?? i dunno...maybe is is i soo negative thinking or what but i sure there something happen to me which i also dunno the reason...hehehehe:D there soo much happening around me now..it like between the line for each i step on and i feel like i nowhere to go. i mean, the life i having now is much depressed day by day, there too many conflict by my side which i couldn't really express how was it but it is something really hurt me and i just put a big smile between those line. b'cus i sure for it will never back as usually we have. that how everything is between line now me and them. when i mean it gonna be perfect life house but it not a FAIRY TALE STORY that we always watching at Tv or Book Story but this is REALITY and REALITY DO exist in this WORLD so i need to wake up from my DREAM to have it as my life. nothing is perfect ,nothing is stay forever and nothing gonna turn back once it running on! my life always about putting a great SHOW & ACTING, till sometimes i thinking i gonna be a GREAT ACTRESS!!! haha:P *i kidding* but yeah!! who am i to complain those things, cus there outside there more people 100% having a worst days than me . right?? so yeah! ALICE !!!time is TIK TOK every second, minute, hours, days so let you butt and work how life that you suppose wanna it to be! :D GAMBATEH!

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