Sunday, 21 August 2011

A day with friends

having A great day~~~!!! :)

waiting our decide to take a selcas....hehe XD
yesterday outing with my a few friends specially my friend that just came back from Indonesia so really miss her and we decide to meet her since she left for Indonesia a few month ago so definitely need to catch up alot things between us. hehehe:D i super excited n happy too.

As we already make a promise to meet up around 10-11:oopm morning on the weekend(Saturday), so it really gonna be along day to us cus we have to wait ours other friends since they have to work on weekends so we just hang out til we meet them after finished they work.hehe but as me got limit time back home cus my mommy told me " You have to back before 10:00pm..! " so yeah..have to listen it as my mom abit strict person cus she the one that raise us till now so i can see how she really worry when one of us back late or go any where. heheXD but without realized the time, i broke it and guess what ????? ? haha:) i'm back at 12:30 AM!!! soooo it really super crazy! and before this i really have a bad experience form my previous time while outing with my friends as i back at 3o'clock in the morning SO can you imagine it...!!! hahaha XD so definitely getting a super louder SCOLLLLLLD from my mom...hehe:P #Seriously!

back to my story for today..hehe, it really been along day for us as we kept back n forward our way with the hot weather really get me sweat soo much just like taking a bath and with the crowded people along the the way we go as got alot of sales so people keep busy buying things for celebrate the HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI so it super crazy day. and we go having our lunch local food and chit chat cus it been long2 time ago didn't have gossip girls. hehe:P after we finished our lunch we went to watch movie "ZOOKEEPER" I really recommend you guys should watch this cus it was soo funny and the best! i was laugh like a crazy people in the cinema and my friends told me " i laugh like people crying!!!" OMG! i really cant stop laugh while watch it. and it really been age dint watch movie cus we all super busy with our own life now so it really hard to hang out together so it like a great fresh feeling again can do a activities like again. hehe:) oH yeah!!! forgot to mention it: before we start watch our MOVIE TIME, we actually went to SECRET RECIPE to eat CAKES!! at the same time spending our time while wait the right time go watch the movie ..hahaha:P
**it really been a long2 time didn't eat cakes!!!! hrmmm sooooooo YUMMY! #seriously! :D
that us at SECRET RECIPE eat CAKES!!!! #Yummy!

The movie that we watch: ZOOKEEPER

Time have just pass so fast, we have left a few hour before meet our other friends so we just decide to sat down a while at McDonald to before went to having dinner. so we continue our gossip girl again at McDonald and discuss our next plan again. Restaurant. hehe:D and one of our friend have to leave early cus she got a date with her other friends so just left we three have to continue wait our other friends and while waiting them we went to eat a our favorite peace place Upperstar Restaurant. hehe:P so YUMMY! and i feel sooo full with my big stomachs that time..hahaha.
Sometimes it really hard to plan sometimes and work it out cus time will change in just a minute or any things so it really hard to get it really exactly the same just like us plan many things need to be thinking but lucky we all dint have much things to struggling so everything went smooth and well and have a fun with my friends, and really happy got some time to spend with them and did some shopping since it BIG SALES now. Wuahahahaha so it really good and fresh! :)

having our dinner at Upperstar Restaurant....


  1. It seems you had such a great time! ^^

  2. Vicky-chan : YEAH..I DID! Have a nice day! :)

    Keri : thank you:) really miss you! hope u doing well:)

    Xan Gerna : thank you:) have a nice day:)

  3. super cute pictures!! you and your girlfriends are all so pretty hehe. on nom nom that cake looks SO GOOD!!

  4. you looked like having so much fun :3

  5. wow! looks fun! but i can relate to your story, growing up in the Philippines, my mom was strict too. I guess all asian are like that. I can never go out, unless i'm with my aunts. can you imagine? So, now that i'm a mom, i broke my moms rule. I let my child enjoy her social life with guidance of course but not too strict.

    OHHH..the cake looks so yummy!!! it's been a while since i ate chocolate cake really...have you got a yummy recipe to share with?

    happy monday!

  6. Great blog:)

  7. Lisa: aww!! thank you! it a fun day for us too:) bt still the cake most important here cus it super delicious!!! hehe:)

    Shara : thank you:) hve a great day:)

    stella lee: thank you:)

    marj: haha:D well, it true too! :) i sure you mom want the best for u n you kids:) n i believe u really a great mom to you kids:)
    yesss!!! it is! so yummy"! :) no...i wish i knw the recipe n share it here bt i dunno the recipe:( haha

    Tea Joeli s: thank you:) hve a great)