Monday, 15 August 2011

Girls Outing~~~ with my little sister♥♥

♥♥ Mee.............have a great day EVERYONE! ♥♥

Trying to be look COOL with sunglasses.....XD

snap...snap....a picture of MEEE.......

OOOH....she look soo serious in her driving~~~~haha:D

ON our way back......

having a KFC before back home....



in evening time...the weather get abit dark.....

Shopping time~~~~~~♥

This how crazy we are when we really having a shopping....must snap all the picture of the clothes we try on...XD

This what she really love to wore...simple n casual...haha:D with her favorite Slippers........

Other selcas picture~~~kakaka XDDD

hrmm......i dunno what she taking those clothes and want me take a picture of it......wuahahaha

OMG! i adore this soo cute.....~~~~!!! :)

It us............

also look nice on her but still not her type of dream DRESS again.....hehehe:)

she looking great on this dress bt still not the very nice on for her only.....haha:D

my yonger sister trying on a dress so end

Our Driver for today....

Align Centre

I love vintage sooo much!
how cute was this clothes right....?

This is sooo crazy...while it sooo JAM here, i manged snap those picture together..haha:D

Our driver for today...haha:D

see my younger sister....trying to put a lipstick while i snap a picture of her...hahaXD

what the great day today...the weather just soooooo great!

Depart from our home to city town~~yehuu~~~~hyper excited me! XDD

Today out with my little sister really a great day!♥♥ haha:D we went to shopping since it really been awhile didn't shopping haha:D n bough a few things..ehehe:P bt only my little sister bought it as meee just a empty hands n eating! haha:D nothing catch me eye actually so maybe trying to shopping again next time and sure will something will catch my eye on! haha:D as you guys know, this month is SALEss month cus it celebrate for the Muslim people that been fasting a month til to "HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI" so each of celebration in here, so there many SALES & DISCOUNT time! haha:D super excited for the next sales&discount month..hahaXD

btw, we also loking a DRESS for my young sister as she gonna graduate soon from high school so gonna find a nice dress for they dinner graduation but so sad we couldn't found one that catching my sister eye so we decide to find it on other day. heheh:) there no much photo i taking while me and my little sister out so i been busy find a clothes and taking a picture as much i can cus that time was sooo many people, so we just grab what we really see and try it on cus there many people in the line of fitting room...hehe

Much love from me.......
GBU ♥♥♥


  1. hey babe,

    seems like you girls had a GREAT DAY TOGETHER!!!

    super fun pics

    Label me Addict<3

  2. hi there! what a wonderful girl's day out. i'ts so nice to go out with your sister...huh, which makes me think of my own sister...well, were far apart drom each other, im in US and shes in the Philippines. Good thing we have facebook right? it is very easy to communicate with your family wherever part of the world we might be.

    I'm happy for you, you all look like you had a whole lot of fun!

  3. Wow, it looks you all had so much fun!!
    and I love vintage too, so cutee <3

    btw, can i invite you to join my mini giveaway?:D

  4. Looks like it was a great time for you. :]

    btw, if you have free time. check out my blog giveaway :]

  5. Lovely pictures! : )) And your blog header is great!

    Check out our blog, please:

  6. Label me Addict: aww!!! THANK YOU..:)yeah..we did...enjoy our day:)

    marj: aww!! THANK YOU! yeha....with all the technology now..we actually can communicate with our family that apart so thank to that. n it really such a relief right? hehe nvr mind i sure u will gather again with them whn u back to Philippine again right? hehe:) such a great day for us! :D

    cominica: aww! thank you...oh really? OMG!!! i such obsess with VINTAGE lately! haha:D will join u giveaway!

    iryn: aww! thank you. yes, we did! :) sure will visit u giveaway! hehe:)

    Cinderella Alert: aww! thank you!:)hv a great day:D

  7. Lovely pictures, looks like you had lots of fun!!!

    What is the name of the vintage shop??? TIA!!!

    Great blog!

  8. Cute pictures, you girls look adorable!