Tuesday, 2 August 2011


here the LATEST from them....!!! at BILLBOARD LIVE! :D

yeah! it is WONDER GIRLS song that i really love! well, maybe i dunno tat if you guys KNOW WONDER GIRLS but they really the first KOREAN GROUP that make into AMERICAN MARKET with the famous song NOBODY. they make debuting in early 2007 in Korea and as for now they gonna be release a ENGLISH ALBUM soon which is i also dunno..hehe:) BUT SOON~~~~ hehe:) REALLY excited to hear their song and see them performance again in stage. ehehe:) so we just have to waith they release a new song. hehe FOR the latest from they appear they actually make a COVER SONG OF B.O.B & BRUNO SONG *NOTHING ON YOU" at BILLBOARD.com LIVE. !! It really fresh and soo nice! :) HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY IT!

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  1. I love KPOP especially 2ne1!