Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This is how we prepared our MOON CAKE FESTIVAL simple but full! haha:D

Well....THIS IS it WE called TANG LUNG..... :P 

That how we hang it and hang it around our house...hehehe:D

Yeah.....!!! it HAPPY MOON CAKE FESTIVAL" *excited...excited* it been awhile my family didt celebrate it! so defineley soo excited n happy! the greatest about on this beautiful day that i like the most is PLAY THE TANG LUNG which it kind use a candle inside it and it really nice if u can walk with the hall group of kids while holding the "Tang Lung" together.! so it like bring the past childhood memories! and yeah!! of course it would best if u can go have a walk while holding the tanglung together with you family or siblings! so i did it with my other siblings it soo much fun n we like the small kids that never get enough to play around with it! cus mostly only those kids play it no the elders! hahahahaXD   beside play the Tang Lung, WE do eat the MOON CAKE which is soo delicious and have alot of flavor too! n it only sales on the moon cake festival so u can consider it quite limited! :P  

* Sorry guys, just a few picture share with u guys* bt do enjoy my day with MOON CAKE FESTIVAL here! :)

Peace&love ! :)


  1. Hello Alice ^___^ nice to meet you too ! :D You have a very lovely blog too :D I've followed hehe

  2. mimiheartme: Hello too! nice to meet u too! OMG! u too..u blog soo adorable n i love you video tutorial make up! :)

  3. Hello there! Happy mooncake festival! :) I'm sure you've had a blast party. :D I kind of remember Tangled Movie when I saw the lanterns! :) They look really great at night. :D

    You might be interested in my giveaway. Check it out in my blog. Thank you. :)


  4. Bohemian vanity: yes, it really soo much fun to play around with it! hehe:P

    Myrted: AWW! thanks you:) well it is! sure...will visit u blog n hope i can join the giveaway!!! :P