Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Funny story friends....!

That us, after helping @YAWEN choose her favorite clothes n try on it! it really pretty! :)
so we take a opportunities took a picture here!!!! ^__^

 @Josephine sSobrepena, @Ang Aga Mun/Yawen , @Meeeeee
Can this be call SEXY?...i guess we fail it again! hahaha:P
@Aleciana , @Josephine Sobrepena
^__________^ The best buddies when it come to night time...wakakaka

 #Finally them reunite again after soo long didn't see each other! and they are the LOVER that you can BET IT ON!!! HAHAHAHA:D @Josephine S @Yawen

What should i call this picture....@Jospehine ask we two act CUTE but Is this picture LOOK cute to you GUYs...? hrmmmm :D

 Trying 3D scene on Tv...? hrmmm..it really best to have u own 3D at home..! but i cant feel anything with 3D affect..? LOL 

 Let me share this funny story behind this picture...!! well... can you see the word on the picture...and @Ang Aga Mun/Yawen said, "Don't u see how weird those WORD with that "Fish Drawing" ..?"  haha:D  then we come to realize that it really SOO WEIRD cus how could they name it "CHICKEN RECIPE RESTAURANT" while the picture above is FISH..? HAHAXD

 Yeah......that @Yawen that long no see her n she so SKINNY right..!!! :) she OFFICIALLY a busniess woman now!!! haha:D working her own travel agecy with her dad now. :) Happy for her! hehe:) 

 #Yummy! when i went to UPPESTAR dining ofcourse my favorite on is "MALAYSIA DELIGHT" ! It really sooo damn delicious and make me full!!! hahaha:D 

 This is @Yawen order and her favorite one same like @josephine S. order too!
Chicken Chop Grill.

 And this is @Aleciana SPAGHETTI CARBONARA and  i forgot to test it but i sure it really delicious!

Yayyy!!! it really nice to seeing them again!! since we all soo busy with our won life. 
b'cus there funny scene on this day but rather it be mtsetrice here....hahaXD
but still we manage to hang out awhile cus it not easy everyone can meet in this situation! LOL..... and there not much time to spend soe we decide just go eat and spend our time less with caught up everything and gossip girlsss time! Lol :)

And for my dear ANG AGA MUN!!! it really superrrrr great to hang out with cus it really been a age didn't see u around! hehehehe^>^  n did some shopping with u definitely soo funny with those clothes u try on and u getting SKINNNNyyyyy! Yerrr....*me jealous*
hahaha^__________^ . hope can hang out with u again with the others! 

and lastly,everything is going smooth and YES another second round on the next time again! kekeke^.^ 
with much love from Meee
take care. peace. 


  1. bonding with friends is fun. The food looks really yummy. I also feel the same way too when it's been a long time since the last time you went out with friends and you just have a great time


  2. What a fun day out, I love girlie shopping and eating meetups. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Thank you!!!

    You and your friends look like you guys had an awesome time. :3

  4. Tootsie Jean: aww!! thanks you soo much!:) yups! do agree with it! hang out with u friends after it been awhile definitely bring those old memories together...hehe:) the food is sooo gooood!:)

    Sweethestia:AWW! thanks you:) have a wonderful days! :P

    The Cat Hag: Thanks, yess...it really soo much fun and gossip girls is needed!! hahahaXD

    RurouniInuGirl:yes, we did have a great time together although it just a short time together:) hehe

  5. you really had such a nice time with your friends :D

    btw, please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.


  6. hey alice!
    thanks for the sweet comment! you're such a darl
    made my day when I read it :)
    you girls look like you had so much fun
    and you look so pretty!
    thanks for following too!
    i'm your new follower too :)

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