Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hello SEPTEMBER 2011 :)

 HELLO..... it meee ^.^
hohohoho:) Hi guys, Hi dolls, how you guys been doing?  WHAT UP!  how you guys this SEPTEMBER 2011? i sure it a another month to start a new chapter in our life. hehe:P well, it really been a week didn't update my blog well, this week really drive me crazy i get sick!!! OMG!!! it is the WORST sick i ever have man! but i fully recover now so yeaaaah.....i can online with my laptop now and blogger now..haha:) i super happy now!!!  thanks god for always be there for me when i need the most. :)  this year, i really sick many times! maybe i should get more vitamin now to eat for my healthy ! cus honestly i really hate to sick need to see doctor n spend a $$$  more. Haixxxxx....

withe crazy week, there alot of things happening at me...well, first it is good news!!! FINALLY it dome now and everything going well as my littel brother things been settle down after waiting for a few month to get it approve by. so THANKS GOD! :) and i know, it is the most hard time for my dad cus i know he really work this things very hard even though he doesn't said anything to us but i know what actually he been though. How tired he is still manage give a smile and i really PROUD of he! i will promiese that i will work hard to earn alot $$$$ so that you wont been through again like this cus i know how that feeling. AND i will trying my best out of best to give a better life and wont let you down cus i know he just trying to be strong there for both of us even though it hard. GBU love you dad! :) u really a great dad in th world! ♥♥ ^.^

well, that all abit update to you guys this week. i hope you enjoying you day with the love one and GBU !  love yeah! :)


  1. hey there! please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.

  2. hello! you just keep your dreams high to achieve your goals. Always aim for the best in your future. take care :)