Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quality time with family.

 U guys must be wondering why the fruit all be standing like this..well, all those fruit actually will be became a JUICE!!!! ^__________^

Never know that all this fruit can be JUICE too...haha:P really make me quite surprise when i see it! haha

 Our local fruit that can be found hereee...

  Photo with Them....hahahaha:D

So I'm order DRAGON FRUIT !!!! #Yummy!
maybe you guys should try it tooo! hehe:)
 starting get alot people ......getting busyyyy

 CORN is important to me~~~ my snack!!! #Yummy!
Love it!  I'm  ARE QUEEN CORN ! haha
*Prove of it* wakakakakakaka^_^
 Reading to jump off to sea now!!!! kekeke

 Heree with my next introduce is my Third sister @Emelia.....:)
  My second sister........@Doris^___^ also our DRIVER hosue woman!!! hahaXD
 Snap a picture with them before jump off tooo!! hahaha
@Doris, @Emelia

Hereeeee with our DRIVER house!!wakakakakakakakXD

Looking silly hereeeee.......XDDD
 I always love Beach!!! ^_^
big smile on my face....
Trying look cool? hrmmmmmmmm  hahahahhaha:D
My favorite bagg.......

HAHAHAHA...i forgort that i changed my shoes already cus that time i GETTING ready to jump to the sea! hahaha:D so snap a photo with my slippers AND everything is messy included my Clothes tooo! hahahaha:D
Bt stillllll a good day with these thingssss.

 OMG!!! I'M super SILLLY with this pose!!!! XD

Sunglasses is needed when u at beach!!!! :) so that you looking cool and hot! hahaha:P

Get ready to back home.......Our driver is ready now...hahahaha:P

Snap a photo before leaving to home! hehe:p will miss the day we went to beach today!
it soo much fun and although in the short time we spend in the beach but it soo much fun and we enjoy with watching SUNSET and drink juice, eat corn and soo on......

 Peace yo! 

see my shadow hereee.......hahahahaha:D 

Spending a quality time with you family is the best things that you cloud ask for.! As for me YESSS! 100% ..
there no word to describe how awesome spending time with you FAMILY!!  well...on this BEAUTIFUL weekends we(whole family) decide go to shopping and go to beach!!! AWW!!! It really been awhile didn't went to BEACH so absolutely excited about! hehehe *happy*  

when we touch down in the Malls...i wasss sooo crayz!!! i saw my favorite Short Skirt Lace that i really been looking for! Phewww!!!  i sooooo crazy with it but i couldn't buy only left small size(M) SO damn it! But i will back again to check it maybe will in stock again! so yeah......*waiting* Hrmmmmm
after done shopping, we went to BEACH!!!!! yeah...the weather was perfect and nice! so JUMP TO THE SEA!!!!! hahahaha:D and Hereeeee we gooooooo!

*Btw, Sorry b'cus there is none of my mum and my brother picture as they kept playing around soo dint even get a chance to snap they photo! :P hehe 



  1. hi alice! it looks fun & great photos! btw what cam are u using? :)

  2. i enjoyed the photos. btw you look like shin min ah, the girl from my gf is a gumiho :) pretty <3

  3. I love your pictures! What camera settings do you use? <3

  4. I am so jealous of the tropical fruits and the beach.

    Thinking Out Loud

  5. chel : Awww! thank you:P well, it not expensive thought i using my hp actually take those picture:)

    Jel ♡ :Thank you:)OOh gosh! for really? i just Google it and she soo preety n i appreciation that:P Thank soo munch :)

    Valérie : Aaaaw1 thank you:P

    ttFN: Aww! thank you soo much:)

    Hi! I'm LiLi! : Aww! u should go grab some tooo:) hehe:P