Monday, 31 October 2011



Inspiration for HALLOWEENS CUP CAKE .. ^^

Yay!!! It Halloweens people..! how u guys celebrate it? well...i hope everyone have great time of course kept healthy all the time! hehe:P as for me, Halloweens always being a excited event to looking forward and plus it super fun to play around with those costumes and go you neighbor house for a candy.! Aaaaawwww! it super enjoy n fun!:) and amazing about this Halloweens is there many people gonna play around like attending a costume parties which is so much fun and it super crazy if you see those scaring make-up...haha:D Anyways, celebrate Halloweens really soo much fun although i never experience it but yeah...i can tell how fun was it! hehe:) i hope someday i will get toooo experience Halloweens! hehehe:) 


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Unstable to beat out..!!


Do you actually believe that time can be return back..? well...i guess some people believe it and some of it don't. As for me..i believe it 50/50% there a few things in the world that we can question about it such as Faith,Love and so on. those are the things that never give u a Correct/Right answer for very single question you questionnaire for. we just can hope and wish for what we can depend on. i mean, we can choose whether we can hope for it or not but i always believe that Hope giving us a chance for something we want to make it happen. it like a dream come true. but i did experince such a bad HOPE that i though it will make my wish come true and i really hoping for the last chance here but it really get me on! so i really soo upset about it and i did hate my self for let it kept happen even though i know that ending definitely will the same.! just hate how it get me you know that i put all my life on this HOPE to wish that i can do better for every step on my life and i believe this HOPE will let myself get better as a person but i guess i was too put the HOPE on my life till it became this way. haix....

it really difficult to cut out myself now cus i really on my half of my life to return back the time i waste soo much now and i did believe we can return back the time we wish it be but it something that IMPOSSIBLE to happen now. even though i believe 50% will happen. but that such a dreaming right...?i such dumb for let myself get to it!  Arggggggggh...! i just hate how much time it being waste till now. there is no way again to back what has been done. my heart always in up on beat here but who am i to blame for the mistaken i make hereeee...i just need to correct all of it and trying my best to collect back what have i missing now. although i said it okay but saying it make me feel like stab my own self.. i did make my life soo miserable now.. how can i take my life as a granted to something that possible not for me..Major turn off nowwww!
I tooo desperate to all that i though might be happen for meee! just seem very wrong and i cant hold on anymore....Grrrrrrrrrrr! 

feels like my head gonna blow up sooon..! it reallly too late to realize what has happen now and cant talk or see what i done for now and i did give myself a big Damn shit hereee! #Totally! 
and oh gosh...! i cant believe that i back away...i just cant believe i did do it! Don't u feel that i superrrr crazy here! b'cus there no way for me to talk or said something about cus i know what the reaction back. but i really cant feel my breath for a few minute n have to take a deeply fresh more to put myself in that situation. haix.......haix.....
(believing again in HOPE ...hrmm...I dunno but i sure it will take time again to USE this Word HOPE again..)

See ya..! 

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Inspiration Of Baking Cake...!

.All the image own by we heart it website.

OMG!!! I just in love with those cake/cupcake and it really inspired meeee when i was baking a cake!! and yeah....I'm still on my process learning how to baking a better cake and cupcake! haha:P so gotta learn it as soon as possible so that i can bake a #Yummy and delicious cake for this Christmas! hehe:) *fingercrossed*...So make my cake looking good and super nice i decided to  search how to decorate it  and guess what...? i found those and give me inspiration of my next baking cakes! 

Have great days people& My lovely followers.
♥ ♥ ♥...^_^