Monday, 20 February 2012

The Most Precious About Them To Meeee :)

I know you guys must be wondering why my post is about those guys, well, let me tell you story we goooo...!!!

The first time i know them is on radio actually, it really funny because that time i just a high school student and about that time, no so many people know about K-POP OR KOREA ARTIST GROUP back then. so i just kept hearing them song keep repeat on radio so i decide to get more information about them and them kept on TV every time  i turn the TV so in the slow-slow motion getting in love with their song and i became a BIG FANS of their! so yeahhhhh i just a BIG FANS of their till now. their just soo amazing and i really love their soo much. 
K-pop NOW soooooooooooo super high around the world and Korea is the trendy of music dance country now around the world and it attracted so much fans from all the world. Back to my story ..hehe:P knowing them just through media is something i just can get along because back then i just a child. i always buy their picture and put in on my diary book and always talk to it became my very best friends till now. i always talk with them even though it just a picture that cant even listen too but i feel better each time when i do it. it's sound like crazy right? but yess! it does happen on me actually! haha:D i mean do everybody does it too? heehehhehehehe:) there's is something about them kept me loving them and i really adore them as my big PART of mylife. without them i think i will never knowing KPOP.! 

N knowing them apart now really broke my heart and i when i first know the new i was like "Awww! this could not be real!!!" i mean how can such a great musicians n person can being apart like this. but i know deep in their heart them really wanna be together n went through together again but with those situation what happen around them really make it soo difficult n complicated for them to make again.n them even more feel the lost than US but in some what we just never understand how they really feels actually. cus them even more in pain,upset and depressed what have happen around them. 

They didn't wish this happen but for sure time couldn't not bring the time already past between them. so i did feel regret, unhappy with this have happen but i believe that someday them will be back again together to make a beautiful music and i hope that day will really come for them. n as a FANS to them i wish all the best luck for everything to them and hope really hope i can MEET them and it really my biggest wish. :) I really hope that them friendship will last forever:)

although them now doing a very well in this industry but i really wish/hope/pray that them can performance again in one stage. MUSIC never stop them achieved and kept grow up. soo i really thumps up for them. NEVER STOP THE MUSIC TVXQ FOREVER! <3<3

         I'm forever TVXQ fans! :)

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