Friday, 14 October 2011

My Little Sister Finally Graduate! :)

Yeah...Finally I'm back with the new post been awhile since my last week post here. Honestly, I getting lazy to write my blogs lately ! haha:P I dunno why but i getting lazy to write it..haha:P bt i promise will try to updated here and will not let down my all followers here:P hehe:)  sooo yeah.....Together we work out hereeeee! :)

->>Well, Remember my last time post about finding my little sister dress for her graduation day soo yeah...Hereeee finally she graduate now and here those sweet memories of her wonderfully day on her big day! :P N with our family outing! :P

 Spending A Quality time with them is soo much Fun! :P 
 My little sister with her lovely Mommy.....
That us .....
Soooo Hereeee photo time with my little sister..!

my lovely little brother..... hehe:P

Hereeee the most adoreable younger brother!!! hahahahaha:P 

Having short shopping before went back home.... hehe:) 
and my mom just bough a new bag that sooo EXPENSIVE!!!! >_<
From paris!!! Omg..It soo much expensive...

On our way to other shopping mall aaaagain........*Tired*

It our rest/break time before back home, so we decide to having a lunch here
and it all about CHINESE food for today...haha:P 

she enjoy her foood soo munch! haha:P 

Picture time......kekeke

What I like the most abt this place is the "CLAYPOT" actually! I love claypot soo much! :D

Yeah!!! nice shots hereee.... Love it! 

we are sooo busy with food now...haha:D

she just toooo excited with it...til give me this kind of Pose.....? Hrmmmmm XD

#Yummy! that our big lady in house... kekek
she enjoy her food hereee as it "CLAYPOT RICE CHICKEN" .

That Our diver house woman....! :) 

YEAH....Cheers to the "CHINESE TEA" FOR A LIFE BETTER... HahahahaXD

That Meeeee with My little sister(Emelia) :)

Us Aaaagain....

Our Strong Man house, our super crazy brother and for extra info hereee... he soo muscles as he got 6PACKS!! hahahahahah:D Yuhuuuu.......gonna training myself n turn to 6paaacks too.. kikiki:P 

Daughter withe Mother.....:)
Here all the lady in house... hahah:P enjoy....

That Meeee with My muscle Brother! *CHEERS* !

Playing around with camera with them and this how it turn and all the people at there just looking us soo noisy!!! haha:D!

Son with Mother.... hehehehehe

Aaaaaaaaaawwwwww.....!! ^_^


Aww....That CUTEEEE ^^


Two Young Man in the house.....

Let me tell the story of this my little two Cute brother, OMG! them sooo much addicated to BASKETBALL! Wherever shopping malls we went, if there any Game Shop, Them will never stop to play specially when it come to BASKETBALL! And, my little brother is a Basketball player at school at he AWESOME! I'm soo proud of him! :) Maybe the next palyer of NBA! wakakakakaXD
i'm such a dreaming person! :D

Yups! that the most crazy thing my mom ever do! Actually, we went to this shopping malls that has a MASSAGE CHAIR that everyone can try it but you have to pay for it through the Machine near the chair. It sooo funny b'cus my mom never try this before so she a little scared how it move and giving a Massage! hahaha:P she screw like crazy all the people that pass by smiling toward us! haha

hahahaD Looking more comfortable after a few minutes past. haha:D 

That Meeee with my little sister @Emelia :) 

That @Emelia... the dress she choose for her graduation look! hehe:P

On our way back home.... @_@

Mom with her new Baggggggg here....! ^_^


My mom just bough this bagggg and it super expensive ! Ohgosh!!!! bt it still worth as it Limited edition from Paris so yeah.....WORTH it! :) 

Home sweet home, After a long day out , finally it home sweet home..ehehehe:D


Hereee the lady on her Big day graduation! Finally! Yuhuuuuuu....
having a great time on her ceremony graduation day and celebrate it with family outing. :)

Finally, my little sister graduate now, happy for her and wish all the best for her in future. hehe:P Amen.
*fingercrossed* ... 
hope you guys, enjoy the weekends, have a great day with the love on! ^_^



  1. aww congrats to your sister graduating! love your blog, now following :)


  2. nice :0

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    see you ^__^

  3. congratulation to you little sister. she's wearing a lovely dress!

  4. woo congrats on her graduation! thanks so much for following!!! :) love the pictures

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to your little sister! I think I've just fallen a little bit in love with you and your family lol. I LOVED seeing your fmily pictures, you all look so happy and smiley together ^_^


  6. You are sooo pretty. I wish we had good food here.

  7. so many happy pictures, you have got a lovely family! Your sister and brother is so cute, her graduation gown is so beautiful! I wish our gown is like that!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Have a happy weekend!


  8. Congratss!! :)

    Looks like you had a great time. Your whole family's so happy!


  9. Nice event!

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  10. Congrats to your lil sis!
    And it looks like your whole family had a great time celebrating with her haha =]

  11. Natalie Leung: AaaaW! thank you:P have a great days:)

    Ana Magdalena: AaaaW! thank you:) yes, i do agree too as she teacher also say the same things. hehe:)

    Cindy: thank you:P u welcome:)

    BROKEN.WHIMSY :Aaaaw!!! thank you and it mean alot u said that. heheh:P spending a quality time with family is awesome! :)

    NOVICE STYLE :Aaaaw! thanks..hehe yups! the food was nice n everything is good! hehe

    Mongs :Aaaaw! thank you! yes, we did and spending a time together:) hehe yay! u too happy weekends.

    NaNa :hehehehe:) thank you!

    Catherine Au Jong : thanks, yes, will visit you Blogs too! :)

    Kiwi: Aaaaw! thank you! yes, it such a great time for us and celebrate our little sister graduation days! hehe:P