Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Yesssss!!! you enter in the right place now!!! IT OCTOBER 2011 people!!! OMG! can you believe it October now? I'm sure you did feel the time goes sooo fast!!! :) N i feel the most of it! Oh gosh, still cant open my mind to think it OCTOBER now. but i have to open my mind Big-big as much B'cus TIME will go without stop so i have to breath with it! heheh:D

So, many plan be on going with me now!! and it really get me stresss over it! Aggghhhhhhh....Totally! :(
I dunno know how to give my reaction for all that going on. i feel i just wanna give up and go Hellll!  yes, Hell is the suitable word for me to use now..! Arggggggg....i really need a something to drink to make myself drunk and just forget it all. i really cant get over what actually is going ooon n i REALLY-REALLY don't Understand why it have to be this way and it put me alot stressss of it. I really hate it turn me like this. haix....it really frustrated me.!
putting alot hope on it and did what it take to be. i really lost my hope for everything that i did and at the end it NOTHING. and giving my self a big LOST to myself! Argggggggggggggggggg!!! i just sooo hate myself!
feel nothing is going welll, at the time i found way to get access it i soooo happy but after awhile it take me turn down! haix....i really hate this kind of feeeling! it just soooo sucks!  Just keep on Wonder how my life will going on now....Sometimes i really hate to talk about it cus i don't even deserve to said it...Why it have to happen like this, i just cant get why...? haix...What i could do now is doing a EXRTA2 effort for it. Gonna do my best and hopeful there a chance more.

But, Still keep on smile.......:)
have a great day.

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