Sunday, 23 October 2011

Random Post Sunday...

Let fly together to reach a better way life.....

It Sunday, can you believe tomorrow will be the lastweek of this October 2011..? as for me i still cant believe time has gone soo fast! and i still hanging on the same things here and "Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances; sometimes it's now or never" time has really make my life so imcreable and sometimes it hard to understand but i still being patients here cus i always believe that When things aren't working out as you wish, be patient. Stop trying to move ahead of God. His timing is perfect. Trust Him." i always believe him and i do trust that he will show the way for me to get a better road of my life and my future. even through it takes a time to make it but there always have a way to show it. it really missing alot of times but there nothing i can do to make the time back and pick up again.i did regret but time has just gone like that so i moving on with it. just before this all, especially growing up i never thought that i can all this things in my life and i never has anyone to listen what i saying and thinking.

i always talk on my pillow*MOMO*<(i call it momo..hehe**) to express my problem even momo cant talk or see but still my place to complain about my daily life. hahahaXD thinking back then all those days, it make me come this far to understand more about life and make me such a growing up person now.!. although i make a mistaken but i did learn what is right and wrong for me just like BIG BANG song -WHAT IS WRONG AND WHAT IS RIGHT  hahahahahaha:P  i'm not a perfect person but i trying my best to go to that level but taking a time too. let me tell something, back then there many things that happen till make me such a growing up person and sensitive person especially my family. there many time i really giving up to living my life like that but thinking my sibling how young they are to seee this is really broken my heart b'cus i doesn't want them has the same things or going through this process again cus it is really broken heart and not easy but YUPS! Time has deal with it and things has changed as we growing up day by day and we start to understanding more and we really trying to be sitting as a family life now. so really THUMPS UP to my siblings! :) 

Now, i at age that should build my career as now I 21years old which is for meee is OLD!!! arghhh..Totally! :) so it really rush me soo much to build my own career and i still in the confusing area..! haix...Honestly, i don't even know what i gotta do with my life/future now because i did struggle to find actually my own future..haix...sometimes i just want to give up but i cant there alot responsible need to be carry on so need to stay wake up hereeee and kept a positive mind hereeee.....!! Grrr.....

Dark definitely my truly color at this hard but life goes on...! i have to stay stronger and be patient for all the things that come out from now. praying for everything going well*fingercrossed* ....

Have a great days people~~~
happy Sunday....


  1. nice post!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!!

  2. yup feels like time is flying :o

  3. Hi Alice, I hope you feel better today. Don't ever give up or lose your faith in God.

    Stay calm and be optimistic :)