Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today Month Random Post.!

♥♥Hi my beautiful followers, how you guys doing? well..., i hope you guys doing good and have a great time on you weekends.! hehe:P well,my weekend pretty good it like So-So..haha:D bored but STIILL love to being Home. hahaXD 
so lately i been soo lazy to write on my blog and i dunno why but yeah..that it! but now i just kept back here to write something on cus i feel like i need to let it out and sometimes it is hard to kept it too deeply. hehehe :P there alot of things that really stuck on my head right now.. as i been a haunted person for a few month from now but still no any good new so gonna kept waiting..? well, i actually not really know what to do all i can do is waiting a time and just kept my mind in positive minder here...maybe it not my luck yet but it really dont make a sense that have to be this way , i mean that really hard to found one? i just dunno  how to deal with time by living like this? i just wanna give up everything and run away. i couldn't do that. :(
 And here another things, soon we will moving as the owner of my current house will moving back! Yay! it suck cus we have to find a house at the short time and moving. so it really alot pressure here and stresss! huh......just hoping will found a place to moving! haha:P and yups waiting our new house getting done as it still in process maybe in 1-2/1 years. waiting the day come.

>Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.<

  As time flies so fast, there a few things that we really being catching out this month specially for my little sister treatment so definitely a big effect to my whole family cus we been soo worried about her legs now and might have to go through surgery so it really the most scared part on our life now. still dunno what actually that happen but gonna share with you guys till here cus it just too personal for our family but once it get done i will definitely share the whole story here.
*hehe.. ^_^*  so wish good luck to her and pray for all the miracle come to this moment and (finger-crossed). and i think is gonna be stress over her now cus she gonna take a examination of the SPM so definitely it super stress over. but still wish her the best and stay in strong hope everything will back normal again and everything just will fine. *fingercrossed* :) 

cus being back forward to hospital is kind very tired and scaring. LOL but but nobody love to going hospital right...? so do I!!! ^^ Grrrrr.......but i used to staying at Hospital for a month or a few month if i not mistaken so obviously it left a big effect to me cus i always see those scene that i not supposed to see so it really scared me out and suddenly i will tears up so that why i really scared to step on hospital or see it.. haha^^ but the greatest things about hospital is there alot of Doctor and most of them is soo good looking yeah.... *wink__^*  hahahahahahah:D i just kidding! 
well...the things i can do now is giving all my support to my little sister and praying for her and wish nothing bad happen on her and god bless you! *fingercrossed* and about my dad is OMG! he just doesn't  want listen to us go check a doctor for he own good..cus lately he feel pain on he back*Dunno at it is*... haix...really worried about him b'cus his was working outstation so it really hard to see how he fee but really hope he doing good and get well soon. 



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