Saturday, 26 November 2011

The big day for her :)

That my GF that got engaged last sunday with the most beautiful day which is 20.11.2011!
soo happy for her and congratulation my lover! :) and *pls: tell us early before a month don't be like you engagement day n telling us in three day only owh! if not gonna eat you later..haha* and sorry just only can share a few..hehe:P

 Officially she engaged already and she is someone fiancee now~~~!!! NO MORE SINGLE LADIES~~
Rings on her hands now ^.^ that the proof! for all the man that has thinking trying to seduce her! please stop it now~~wakakakakaXD there is a sign board tell you cant have this GIRL anymore haha:P 

 who knew, she the first one from three of us get engaged first. haha:P  never expect this but hey..hey....she really did it! :P she look BEAUTIFUL on her big days. ^^

Seeeeee! she got the RING and guess what we really about to cry when the they're announce that put the rings on and "you guys officially are engaged now and  belong to each other" and me and my other gf(evannie) get wet on our eye! :( it a joy tears and we really happy for you POM! :) #Love

ohya....never though that she actually looking great on PINK dress! well, if you guys knew her she actually very simple person when it come to fashion ! ahah:P but still she doesn't need it as she really looking pretty with that way :) U go girls! ur SEXY when you want to look styles/fashion you look HOT when you just simple! haha:)

that our first picture after ceremony done we faster2 go snap a photo with her~~ Peace yo~~~~ 
happy engagement day

this is the gift from the boy side and all this on PINK as the theme is PINK and omg those CHOCOLATE!!! i want it! could die for it~~~hahaha:D

That my GF and really love them and wish our friendship will stay stronger and hope when we getting old we still has this friendship forever! :) love you guys very strong! ^.^

Never knew this day will come someday and we really think alot of our future together when we just in primary school and look now we growing up like an old woman and became a real woman now. but one things never change is our "FRIENDSHIP" no matter in a thousand years we still has this title "Friendship" in our memories.

Hrmmm......for your future husband, haha:D i think he is a great man and i believe that he will make you happy. even i never really meet him in person before you guys engaged, but after see how good he is remember US two even just saw us at fb only ar..but i really thumps up lah for him! still remember when he first saw us n said that "Na....that she BEST FRIENDS come" hahaha:D he kinda very funny and ofcourse my first impresssion is 80% okay lah! haha but for the 20% has to ask him how to treat us two here owh! hahahaha:P *like usually ma* keke:P


 we LOVE you Elaine Else and we hope the best for both of you n specially for you future husband on you big days and soooo excited to see you in Wedding dress sooon!*finger-crossed* haha:P ♥♥♥ 

  LOVE YA.....

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Raining day with Christmas mood.

yeah....yeah.....Christmas jus a few week to gooooo so definitely feel the mood Christmas at every mall that i enter. hehe:) so excited with this Christmas celebration. :P

Random picture of Flowers....^_^

random picture with it! PARIS!!!! wish to go there someday:) *fingercrossed*

Heavy raining in city and snap this raining while i was ride back with a City Bus, it reminde me alot of my life lately and feel
time has gone so fast and with many things has been happen around me definitely need time to rest abit and take a fresh breath and start a new day with new beginning.

On my way back home and i'm taking a bus back really been awhile didnt ride bus. kinda miss it^.^
hahahaXD anyways, it feel good and really taking a break form those stresss matters.:P 

>Hope you guys doing well in this week BTW countdown to twilight movie part 1 ^.^ < hehehehe

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


OMG! Today was soo damn tire after walk there,walk here and with the hot weather sweat like taking a bath. soo crazy my day today. huh! hope tomorrow everything is settle down with going smoothly for my mom things*finger crossed* :)

btw, today get some time doing my blog here especially for my sweet Josephine for tag me in 11 question about meee! *excited*

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

1.I speak three language at home Bahasa Melayu, english and chinese.
2.I has mixed blood which is Chinese + Indonesia. 
3.I has two sister and two brother.
4. My favorite color is Black and Blue. 100% 
5.I love to traveling and adventure things. 
6. My favorite fruit will be watermelon, mangoes,Durian.....
7.I love reading book especially TWILIGHT!
8 Music is my life
9.Fashion is my second lover.
10.Enjoy my every single days with a great smile. is tough but hey..hey...gonna work hard for it and hope all the dream come true someday.

Here my answers to Josephine question..

What is your favourite outfit and/or piece of clothing?
it too much to say here but honestly i dont has any favourite as i love to wear anythings as long it fashion. haha::)

What is something that you can’t live without?
Of course my pillow(MOMO)! haha:P my momo been with me ever since a baby till now so yeah, i really cannot live without it and the smell of my momo. it really put me in good sleeeppppp.....hahahahaha:D

Favourite place to shop, can be online too.
there alot actually but i just love to shop anywhere as long i still can shopping!hee:P as for the online..well, i never try it before so no comment for it. huhuhu

What is your favourite physical feature about yourself?
haha:D i just love all my self! haha:P

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

well, there too many, haha:P but most of it kind of bad memories so not worth to sharing. huhuhu...Move on! :)

Any bad habits?
I not sure about this..ehehehe

If you were to get married to a celebrity, who would it be?
Rain Bi(Korea singer)....hahahahaXD i adore he and i soo respect him b'cus i believe and think he is a great guy and i hope i can found someone like him. :) but of course it just a dream right..! ^.^

Where is one place that you would like to visit, and why?
if i would to visit a place i will definitely choose travelling around the world! hehe:P but the most i wanna go will be Africa which is one my wish list b'cus i will definitely feel soo close with sky as it really beautifully  there with those shine star there. and will give a hands to people there as much as i can.

If you could be one animal, what would you be?
for this i also not sure as there too many animal that i really love,adore. although those animal cant speak but they much good listen like a human! hehe:)

What do you see yourself doing in the future or what do you want to do in the future?
i willl like to has a better life and future which i can lend my family a better life. and working harder abit for achieved my goal which is one of my biggest wish. no matter what kind of job its  and if  $$$$ enough for me to spend i will definitely traveling around the world.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Still trying find my future.

okay! let's me tag my 11 people for my question again:

  1. keri

Here my question
What is you favorite movie?
What is you top song on you music player lately?
which singer that you favorite the most and why?
What is you favorite color?
What is you favorite food and fruit?
Which country that you wanna visit the most and why?
if you were to get married to celebrity, who would it be?
Why did you decide to make bloger?
What you see in you 10-20 years in future?
What is you biggest fear?
What is you most beautiful memories that you've experience?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

my random days..!

The weather super good and enjoy my days on town with walking. #Feelgood

And town now sooo prepared with this coming christmas and see what i found!!! it soooo cuteeeeee.:)
Turn the light and Christmas sooong on Air people! ^_^

adorable!!! :)

On my way back homee....after long days out!
feels soo good adn taking a fresh breath.:)

AND it's meeeeeee:) Hoot...hoot~~~

and that what i wearing ~~simple and easy black and red theme! hahaha:D

That my little updated lately since i kind less on my blogs lately :(....hehe:P days preetys good but yeah..there always some unsolved issue here. haha:P but i believe time will deal it and hope i can get the answer soon. heheXD  as the weather here it kind like most of the time is heavy raining and windyy here so hope the weather will back normal as usually. 
for the whole week i been quite busy with my family stuff and I'm soo tired from walking there and there! huh..but i did enjoy my days by walking and feel the fresh air and it really feel awesome! *wink*! :) and not forget to say that hope i can get it soon and i am cross my finger now! *Amen* .

Lots of love!
god bless you ^_^


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wonder Girls is back!

Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - Be My Baby

WOW!!!! wonder girls is back with the new of look and song! OMG honestly, i soo in love with their latest new album and those song was super amazing and to honestly i never in my life listen to all the each song of Korea singer/group album so WONDER GIRLS really get me on and very single song of they new album sooo impressed, amazing...! so do check it out by YouTube or get on the shop. 

I really enjoy all their song on this new album and i think wonder girls really kill all the music in korea after break for awhile but it worth b'cus they back with the stronger look and soooong so it really worth and for the fans that kept waiting them really paid off. HWAITING #Love yea

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hey...time has gone sooo fast and did u get ready for Christmas next month? i sure many things has to think about when it come to Christmas. hehe:) 

there many going on lately butstill can handle it.. haha:)
well....there is few i cant handle but yeah..just crossing my finger for good things come here..
as much time gone so fast weather lately been changing alot and most the time is raining and windy here.. so hopefully the weather will be back normal and hope that on Christmas there is noooooooo bad weather. hehe :=) 

Went to DAISO shop which is selling all good JAPAN product here. and the most great about this shop
is all the product is sell cheaper price. so it worth! :)

and another event that going on in town is "The 28th National Chinese Cultural Festival" which is all about Chinese traditional food,culture,costume. this is the first i ever experience truly Chinese traditional cultural and learning more about Chinese cultural and of course this something new for me as even though i a Chinese but there alot things i still lack n still learning process. hehehehe:)

and i been confusing is everyone get a Red Candle per person and i don't what use it but i guessing is using as for light when it getting dark. it sound kinda romantics.. hehe:P   
*I dont stay till the ends of the event ***

about 0500pm something we went there and it still light ^_^

they hang all TANGLUNG... feel like Chinese New Year..

They also got perfomance the Lion Dance and  also Dragon Dance. 

 it just 6:oopm but it getting soo much dark at stadium n it raining a bit so we decide to lefft early.

Monday, 7 November 2011

My updated + MTV EMA 2011..!

Hi Dolls! how u guys been doing lately? i hope everything well good~~~well...for me everything seem exactly the same for meee...hiax...but it okay..just kept staying strong! hehe:P
and hereeee we go at November now soo people kept being soo busy as next month is Christmas and soon we about to enter 2012 which is super soon moreee. so stay tune with the new year come around to youuuu...^_^

And Don't forget to check out of the year music of EUROPE MUSIC AWARD (MTV EMA) 2011 WHICH IS LIVE FROM BELFAST. so DO CHECK IT OUT as it host by SELENA GOMEZ! :)

omg! she loookkk super GORGEOUS here! n love the dresssss! :)

Here the link for MTV EMA 2011:

have a great time~~~~

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Welcome to NOVEMBER...! :)

Yay! Time has gone super fast and fast and now NOVEMBER has already start hereeee! Wooohoooo! excited bt at the same time scared about the time has gone soo fast now..hehehe:P  and yeah...yesterday was Halloweens day so i bet u guys did have a great day with it! :) As the weather hereee, OMG! sometimes it super hottt and lately been raining and windy lately so really hope the weather will back normal...hehe:P *wish could snow hereeee...hahahaXD* *wink***

And Christmas is around corner now, so any idea to celebrate this year Christmas?  shopping ..Christmas tree,exchange gift..? i bet there alot things to think on how to celebrate it...hehehe:) and I'm soo excited with this beautiful Christmas come around but i dunno how it gonna plan my day with it. but wishing that it is a beautiful days for meeee! *fingercrossed* Anyway, I hope u guys have a wonderful month and hope everything going smoothly! :) GBU♥♥♥

And to all my beautiful followers thank you soo much for always kept reading my blog hereeee.^^ and to my new followers here thank you for being my beautiful 200 followers here, still cant believe it that but i always try my best to write more on my blog. hehe:)