Saturday, 26 November 2011

The big day for her :)

That my GF that got engaged last sunday with the most beautiful day which is 20.11.2011!
soo happy for her and congratulation my lover! :) and *pls: tell us early before a month don't be like you engagement day n telling us in three day only owh! if not gonna eat you later..haha* and sorry just only can share a few..hehe:P

 Officially she engaged already and she is someone fiancee now~~~!!! NO MORE SINGLE LADIES~~
Rings on her hands now ^.^ that the proof! for all the man that has thinking trying to seduce her! please stop it now~~wakakakakaXD there is a sign board tell you cant have this GIRL anymore haha:P 

 who knew, she the first one from three of us get engaged first. haha:P  never expect this but hey..hey....she really did it! :P she look BEAUTIFUL on her big days. ^^

Seeeeee! she got the RING and guess what we really about to cry when the they're announce that put the rings on and "you guys officially are engaged now and  belong to each other" and me and my other gf(evannie) get wet on our eye! :( it a joy tears and we really happy for you POM! :) #Love

ohya....never though that she actually looking great on PINK dress! well, if you guys knew her she actually very simple person when it come to fashion ! ahah:P but still she doesn't need it as she really looking pretty with that way :) U go girls! ur SEXY when you want to look styles/fashion you look HOT when you just simple! haha:)

that our first picture after ceremony done we faster2 go snap a photo with her~~ Peace yo~~~~ 
happy engagement day

this is the gift from the boy side and all this on PINK as the theme is PINK and omg those CHOCOLATE!!! i want it! could die for it~~~hahaha:D

That my GF and really love them and wish our friendship will stay stronger and hope when we getting old we still has this friendship forever! :) love you guys very strong! ^.^

Never knew this day will come someday and we really think alot of our future together when we just in primary school and look now we growing up like an old woman and became a real woman now. but one things never change is our "FRIENDSHIP" no matter in a thousand years we still has this title "Friendship" in our memories.

Hrmmm......for your future husband, haha:D i think he is a great man and i believe that he will make you happy. even i never really meet him in person before you guys engaged, but after see how good he is remember US two even just saw us at fb only ar..but i really thumps up lah for him! still remember when he first saw us n said that "Na....that she BEST FRIENDS come" hahaha:D he kinda very funny and ofcourse my first impresssion is 80% okay lah! haha but for the 20% has to ask him how to treat us two here owh! hahahaha:P *like usually ma* keke:P


 we LOVE you Elaine Else and we hope the best for both of you n specially for you future husband on you big days and soooo excited to see you in Wedding dress sooon!*finger-crossed* haha:P ♥♥♥ 

  LOVE YA.....


  1. Adorable post! I hope everything with the wedding goes well. I'm sure it will


  2. Congratulations to your girlfriend who got engaged! You must be very excited for her wedding! I hope she has a long and wonderful marriage :)

  3. Erica : thank you! :) sure it will:) sooo excited for the days:)

    stephanie.: Aaaaaw! thank you n that very sweeet form you:) yes...amen:)