Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hey...time has gone sooo fast and did u get ready for Christmas next month? i sure many things has to think about when it come to Christmas. hehe:) 

there many going on lately butstill can handle it.. haha:)
well....there is few i cant handle but yeah..just crossing my finger for good things come here..
as much time gone so fast weather lately been changing alot and most the time is raining and windy here.. so hopefully the weather will be back normal and hope that on Christmas there is noooooooo bad weather. hehe :=) 

Went to DAISO shop which is selling all good JAPAN product here. and the most great about this shop
is all the product is sell cheaper price. so it worth! :)

and another event that going on in town is "The 28th National Chinese Cultural Festival" which is all about Chinese traditional food,culture,costume. this is the first i ever experience truly Chinese traditional cultural and learning more about Chinese cultural and of course this something new for me as even though i a Chinese but there alot things i still lack n still learning process. hehehehe:)

and i been confusing is everyone get a Red Candle per person and i don't what use it but i guessing is using as for light when it getting dark. it sound kinda romantics.. hehe:P   
*I dont stay till the ends of the event ***

about 0500pm something we went there and it still light ^_^

they hang all TANGLUNG... feel like Chinese New Year..

They also got perfomance the Lion Dance and  also Dragon Dance. 

 it just 6:oopm but it getting soo much dark at stadium n it raining a bit so we decide to lefft early.


  1. I love Daiso <3 hahaa, there are always lovely products in cheap price!
    hehee, Im not a big fan of lion dance though, soooo loud :S!

  2. ♥ Denise ♥ : yes!!! agree with u! i soooooo love with Daiso!!