Saturday, 19 November 2011

my random days..!

The weather super good and enjoy my days on town with walking. #Feelgood

And town now sooo prepared with this coming christmas and see what i found!!! it soooo cuteeeeee.:)
Turn the light and Christmas sooong on Air people! ^_^

adorable!!! :)

On my way back homee....after long days out!
feels soo good adn taking a fresh breath.:)

AND it's meeeeeee:) Hoot...hoot~~~

and that what i wearing ~~simple and easy black and red theme! hahaha:D

That my little updated lately since i kind less on my blogs lately :(....hehe:P days preetys good but yeah..there always some unsolved issue here. haha:P but i believe time will deal it and hope i can get the answer soon. heheXD  as the weather here it kind like most of the time is heavy raining and windyy here so hope the weather will back normal as usually. 
for the whole week i been quite busy with my family stuff and I'm soo tired from walking there and there! huh..but i did enjoy my days by walking and feel the fresh air and it really feel awesome! *wink*! :) and not forget to say that hope i can get it soon and i am cross my finger now! *Amen* .

Lots of love!
god bless you ^_^



  1. Wow look at the palm trees! I don't have many palm trees in the area where I'm from
    And that green thing on your car is super cute. What is it actually? It reminds me of Bulbasaur. I have one that looks like that but it's smaller and it's a turtle :)

  2. stephanie.: aww! thank you stephanie! yes..but only in city has those palm treeee! hehe:) meeee also not sureeee cus it just suddenly in my sister car.wakakakakaXD