Thursday, 24 November 2011

Raining day with Christmas mood.

yeah....yeah.....Christmas jus a few week to gooooo so definitely feel the mood Christmas at every mall that i enter. hehe:) so excited with this Christmas celebration. :P

Random picture of Flowers....^_^

random picture with it! PARIS!!!! wish to go there someday:) *fingercrossed*

Heavy raining in city and snap this raining while i was ride back with a City Bus, it reminde me alot of my life lately and feel
time has gone so fast and with many things has been happen around me definitely need time to rest abit and take a fresh breath and start a new day with new beginning.

On my way back home and i'm taking a bus back really been awhile didnt ride bus. kinda miss it^.^
hahahaXD anyways, it feel good and really taking a break form those stresss matters.:P 

>Hope you guys doing well in this week BTW countdown to twilight movie part 1 ^.^ < hehehehe

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