Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Welcome to NOVEMBER...! :)

Yay! Time has gone super fast and fast and now NOVEMBER has already start hereeee! Wooohoooo! excited bt at the same time scared about the time has gone soo fast now..hehehe:P  and yeah...yesterday was Halloweens day so i bet u guys did have a great day with it! :) As the weather hereee, OMG! sometimes it super hottt and lately been raining and windy lately so really hope the weather will back normal...hehe:P *wish could snow hereeee...hahahaXD* *wink***

And Christmas is around corner now, so any idea to celebrate this year Christmas?  shopping ..Christmas tree,exchange gift..? i bet there alot things to think on how to celebrate it...hehehe:) and I'm soo excited with this beautiful Christmas come around but i dunno how it gonna plan my day with it. but wishing that it is a beautiful days for meeee! *fingercrossed* Anyway, I hope u guys have a wonderful month and hope everything going smoothly! :) GBU♥♥♥

And to all my beautiful followers thank you soo much for always kept reading my blog hereeee.^^ and to my new followers here thank you for being my beautiful 200 followers here, still cant believe it that but i always try my best to write more on my blog. hehe:)


  1. Congratulations, dear! i was browsing through your blog and my gosh, you are making me hungry!!! thanks for this, tomorrow I shall make a ref cake ;)

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  2. i do love your holiday spirit!

  3. Ahh what a sweet post, I'm mega excited for Christmas!x

  4. Hey babe, just stumble upon your blog! Such a cute blog ;D It's good to know there's another local from Borneo who share the same passion, Fahsion :D Hope you had a great day *Chanting Christmas song*



  5. hey thanks for following theFword! Checked out your blog and think it's adorable ;) FOLLOWED. keep it up!


  6. Mar: Aaaaaw! thank you:P omg! absolutely will get some recipe form u! haha:D

    marj: hahaha:d thanks you:) how u been doing lately? well, i hope everything went good to u! :)

    Celi: aw! thanks you:) meeee too! hihihi

    Jlo: aw! thank you:P awww! u frm Borneo too? it awesome!

    ellie estrada (noelle): u welcome! :P thank you!

  7. hey thank you for following me back and hmmm i want to have a sweet cristmas so fingers crossed as well hopefully it comes treu ;)

    ow by the way do you have any manga or anime caracter you like (because i want to draw a picture for you of that caracter if you like)
    just reply on this comment and i will see what i can do for you

  8. This is just what I was looking for. I was not expecting that I'd get so much out of reading your write up! You've just earned yourself a returning visitor :)