Thursday, 29 December 2011

It our 13th Anniversary !!! :) ♥

Hi everyone! hope everyone doing gooood there:) Miss yea! XoxO
Yo..yo...yo...yoo! watssup! how everyone doing? gooood? hehe:) well...well..well.. i hope everyone doing good and BTW how the christmas celebration? i guess it awesome right? hehehe^_^ Here we go again with new year? OMG! did i just mention new year? Ohhhhhh Nooooooo! a few more day will new year and we about tooooo 2012 !!! Argggggggg! can't believe it Time has goooone soooo fast leh :)
Sooo yesterday I and my wife n husband went for dinner to celebrate our 13th anniversary sooo we went to Upperstar Restaurant which is very famous one at my town and basicly it like western more than local. but they did sell some local food which is very nice one and also all those western food. hehe:) #Yummy! it tiime tooo feed my stomach! hehe:P and we having our dinner like about 2hours or more..i think soo.. ehehehe while we eat we talk alot of things and of course the most TOPIC would be my husband**Just get engaged last month**  as she now oon her progress to plan her VERY OWN FAIRY TALE WEDDING~~~stilll can't believe that she really get engaged and sooon will be get married. huh! stilll can't believe...:(   
but i sure she make a right decision and i believe that she will be a great wife to her future husband. ^_^

okay back to story last night! hehehehe:) well..last night was soooo sweeet and i have a ton of idea about her wedding plan! hahhaa:P and one of it like TWILIGHT wedding...hahahha:D ofcourse have tooooo seee what kind of theme would she choooose. hehehe:P and the mosst important is we celebrate our 13th years of our friendship which is super long and thank to god we still have a each other and still that the most precious present that i can ask more. and the night was sooo sweet and make a little wish for it and hope for next2 year that come we still together and may this new year will fill our wish and hope the 2012 will be a better year for threee of us and our future. *fingercrossed* :) 

Although the cake just in slice but stillll happy that we get each other hereeeee! to celebrate our 13 years of relationship as a friends and ofcourse it's our Anniversary. :)

Happy sweeet 13th anniversary Friendship ♥♥♥

P/s: I call my two best friend is wife and husbands! hehe:) they just like my husband and wife:) 

Monday, 26 December 2011

It's Christmas! :) Merry Christmas :)

Hoooooohooooohooooo~~~ It's CHRISTMAS world! OMG!!! it's Christmas nowww! ♡♡


picture from
Yayyyy! merry Christmas! sooo how everything going on this beautiful day? hehe: i hope everything going gooood and perfect! hehe:) Christmas day was pretty good and ofcourse did stay at home for Christmas and went to my mom friends house BBQ and that yummy! hehe:) this year we not celebrate it so kinda sad but it's okay still a good day for me and my family. :) Went to church (Saturday) and OMG! it's fun and honestly i feel much better in church everything was sooo calm and i feel warm inside my heart. hehe:)

Anyways, on that night was sooo much fun and really enjoy it and the most funny is some of the church member give some performance and and ofcourse all those choir sings along and not forget the acting time was OMG! was sooo fun and everyone laugh like crazy inside the church and the story was sooo good and enjoyable. and yesterday ofcourse its MORNING CHURCH time for Christmas day! hoooray! jingle ball...jingle balll....*_^ like before on Christmas all the seat is full and we're late went to church and once we arrived there people sitting outside the church.soooo that mean we have to siiit outside too but still good at least we didnt miss out alot of the performance that day...heheh:) 
N everybody wear new clothes and look styles and the most important is everybody looooook HAPPPyyyyyy! :D

I hope you guys have a very beautiful Christmas days with you family and have blessed Christmas and hope you have a best Christmas ever in you life...^_^ N i hope all the wish that you make will come true and GBU :)
………………..*♥♀ ♂♥*………………......
.………...*♥♫♥▬♫♥ ♥♫▬♥♫*…………....
.........*♥♥☺♣♥♫♥♫♥☺♥♫ ♥♣☺♥♥*….........
~~~Merry Christmas~~~~
 God bless you  ^_^

 Love always:)

Friday, 23 December 2011

A day we always remeber:)

Aaaaawww! that sweeeet ^_^

haha:P that howwww cute pose form them~~~~hehe:P


Our random photo of  our legssss~~~


The b'day cake of our dear big bosssss at home~~~^_^

Yeahhhhh! it's our Daddy big days! hehe:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY dad! you really getting old now but you looking great and strong! hehhe:) and hope in this big day you willl always stay in good healthy and may all you wish come true and i hope that you will always stay good and very2 healthy b'cus i still need to treat you for the whole life and paid back what has you done for us and teach us about this life..Raising us really not a easy job and i know that u have been through alot of hard time but you never give up to us and i really glad that you always be a good father to us. i promise i will work hard to earn money so that you can traveling around the world and goood eat something nice and delicious. *fingercrossed* and i really hope that i can give you all the best thing in the world just like what you give to us and i really hope that i can make it and do it. hehe:)  i know i not always a good daughter to you and but i will try and will trying my best tooo give you the best things in the world. and i hope that you will kept stay in goood healthy and strong and GBU. ^_^


Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm Moving~~~

Ooooooh! i love the dooor like thisssss! hehehe:)
hohohoooooooo stillll messssy~~~
so, that the new place where we staying now but still abit messy around. hehehe:P

Soooo...YESSS! we found a house nowwwww! and hereeeeeee is our new house after a weeek after tired moving all those thingsss! OMG! u will never know how it feeels when you really about to moving to another new place. hehe i mean, Seriously it sooo damn tired man! but thank god everything went goood and ofcourse the HOUSE look great and awesome! super like it"! honestly...this new house really sooo expensive than our previously the the house rent was super cray price man! it cost us thousand something and seriously i quite surprise with the price when my dad told us but since we really rush to find a new house soooo yeah it really make me kinda sad with the price as you the economics was not really stabil lately sooo haix.....hehehe:P and the weather everyday raining and it's heavy raining! huhuhuhuu what the season raining this month. hehe:)

but anyway the house just fine and look great and we(whole family) really like it. :) now we been living here about a week now and so far everything here goood just one i hate the mossssst is sooo hard to ge through the line to online here soo i hate it! hehehhe:P sometimes i have to wait about 1 hours to get through the line. that the worst! huh...

Misss yea! :)

Sunday, 11 December 2011


{ There is many things that happens to me til sometimes i really don't know how to deal it. people always said that "Time will deal everything" in our life. but there sometimes it work but there is sometimes it really doesn't like what people been talking about. for the most a year now, there many i overcome to realize and value of my life now, maybe there's no one will understand what i been experience and feel about my life. people will always hold their own judgement to each other they see in their daily life. but i can understand now really well about myself now, why i soo sentimental sometimes even it a small things but i tears for it. but it what i been kept on my heart before so i never let it out and it became a big scar on my life. it's not a pain but it's is a SCAR that never gone from my life. it like a big alarm for me as i growing up as human being. I didn't understand why it happen on me ,why it has to be and happen on me. i did really question these but i know i will never really get a exactly answer for ever question i has on my mind. it's like never gone from my mind and the most worst is i still remember how clean was it. 
i never trust anyone in my whole life even how small matters was it cus i been learn form my past and honestly i dunno how to trust someone in my life or having someone in my life. since i was a kids i been training like a boy to became tough . i never regret how was it but i regret that why i has to going through this kind of life that i never ask for. that always make me wonder soo much how crazy was that. and i really know soo well how it feels and how weak we are to accepted this kind of faith happen. 
it did toook much longer time to deal and make you mind cool down with everything's. i really hate how it turn but what more can i ask for everything happen. but i make my self promise that i wont let it happen again. if can just let me the last person happen on. cus it really took a very strong minds for it and has to turn everything's in positive way. i took a thousand days to overcome what has happen on me and understand it. not a easy work but i has to do this for myself. and it really took my whole life to brave all what i has to fight out for my future. as time goes by, i learn it by take a small change and kept the faith together with god and always believe what he has for me and take me to the right place. }

Hope the someday will come to me and make my small wish came true... :) #thathowlifegoes

Friday, 9 December 2011

Raining too much with huge windy...

Ooooh.....lately beeen sooooo raining hereeeee!and it's really confused meee sometime with a sunny weather then suddenly raining...huhuhu..... okay raining but this is too much till all the farmers has to redo again them work. especially in this kind of Heavy raining. and you know what the most WORST is i went to market buy vegetables and guess what...! there is nooo vegetables already sell at market as in the early morning people was scramble to buying because they know that if kept raining there no much vegetables sell on and the price definitely is double! haha:P so that how situation that i went through now. never knew that raining did give alot effect of life.hahahaXD so i have to buy many and kept like stock.haha:P but of course cannot kept than one week if it's vegetables. hihihihi ^.^
so now, my refrigerator full with meat and chicken and everyday i cook it and till we eat till bored already. and honestly i cannot having my lunch/dinner without vegetables sometimes. hehe:) so it really hard. but i really appreciation what i has when it come to food. i not kind of picky on food. so i eat everything! as long it's #Yummy!  *Wink..wink**

OOOhya...still remember my last time post about getting moving to other house
well, till now still in the process  look for a house for rent as now to rent house cost you like buying the house man! huh...expensive crazy! cus the the owner of my current will take back the house and will live in so now we became a haunted house now..hahah:D but seriously house now super expensive to rent it's better buy house then rent. but buy a house laso need a large MONEY tooooo load it. haha:P haiyo..everything soooo expensive crazy now to live on has to work hard to earn MONEY man! but really hope soon will found one *fingercrossed* hehehehehe^.^ 
Wish me luck found a house! :P

Monday, 5 December 2011

My Graduation days♥♥! 12/05/2011

Hoorayyy..! Finally I graduate already!wow! can believe it! :) ♥♥
Well..that us after the ceremony done here we are..throwing our hatt! haha:P 

♥That Meeee....♥

Snap again with those moments. 

 That my lovely class mate...! all preeetty ladies owh..wakaka:D

We share a same name(ALICE) and we really like a couple sometimes..haha:P 
Here we are again...... ^_^

Okay, this was after the ceremony done..and pic with our dresss on that night... u can seee on the left side. haha:P 

This my beautiful Big Sister which i alwasy call her OKASAN..haha:P 

Hahah:P let me introduce my super girls class mate...haha:P on the back is @josephine F, @Shufen, @Aleciana, @Yawen and last is our Oldest is @Rich ^_^

This TOURISM &HOSPITALITY BATCH...! The most amazing friends i ever meet and knows. they're the besssst! 

First is Meee, @Aleciana, @shufen, @Dorothy and last is our most FUNNY woman in this class @josephine S

We in the Black and Yellow Moood.. :) 

that how happy us at this moments. 
@Jospehine F, @Meee, @Aleciana, @Shufen,@Dorothy,@Josephine s 

Yeah....Peace yooo! :)


My preeeety big sister... ^_^

 Snap those #Yummy Fooood....^_^ 


On this beautiful 12/05/2011..... ♥♥

Hooorayyyy...! I'm finally a graduation student now and officially i finished my study...sooo happy and yeah..excited for what has waiting for me outside there even though I finished my study last year but yeah..convocation still need to feel it. haha::D  well, the ceremony was going welll not just well but SUPER WELL OHGOSH...if i can flash back those night i really soooo willing to do it again...hahaha:P even though it not like what i expect it but at least it was enjoying moment and it reallly soooo much fun on it. :) as the weather abit raining outside there but t he night still look elegant and romantics. hehehe:D

The atmosphere on that nigh was crazy man! as we(my class mate) kept sings louder and kept make those noisy sound but it yeah....! thanks to us that night was soo much fun and Happening cus i think without us noisy there at atmosphere was soo quite and boring. hihihihihi^_^ so credit to Tourism N hospitality batch!!! :)  the music was great and all was our favorite and of course we sings along even there no mic but still enjy in on our table. haha:P the food was good but haix.....hahaha:D  And it really abit emotion night but stilll nobody tears sooooo hooray! but deeply in our heart it :((((
Although it been awhile we our gather together but our relationship was soo good and still like a old time when we still study together. :)  
talk about this, really miss my old time at college and make those Trips around, really remind me alot! but Life stilll need to moving on. Anyways, the night was great and everybody enjoy the moment and I'm glad i can meet those people in my life and it really light my life although there was UP n DOWN but those really good enough for me to experience it. and it like my second family so thanks you guys and  

I love you guys very-very strong . thanks for teach me and show me what i never see before. Friendship will never end will always continues to the end of the world. ^_^♥♥


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Sales now for Christmas..!

What a raining day...^_^
Cuteeeeeee mall decoration..! ^^

That my new new shoessssss wow! super like and suitbale to wear it. 
The color was sooo pretty and it cheaper. :)  babe!

Yeaaaaaaah...! Finally i found this beeen search over the top each time i went to bookstore...! It's PRAGUE!!!!!! Honestly i don't think many people knew this place or maybe it just me has think like this well....back to my story here...i always wanted to go here someday as the place really nice and really classic! so i really hoping can go there someday....Wish me can go there..hahahhaha ::) *fingercrossed*
Aaaaaaaw! my favorite part!!!! never gone form my eye! kekekeke

Seeeeee this selling Their story never end stilll can feel till this magazine. haha:P
wish i can experience those someday.! hahaha

What the most comfortable place to reading book here..definitely like my second home. hahaha
i always spending my time here read those book story and magazine. hehehe:P  and the view form here totally amazing as u can all size very clear and the city. hoot
Okay...Christmas coming soon sooo now all those shopping malls a having a Big Salessss
and i really dyinggggg to buy those specially it's BIG SALES!!!!!

Hope you guys having a great days and don't forgot having a big shop for Christmas! hehe:) MUST....:)
I sure there many big sales around you place! ^_^