Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Sales now for Christmas..!

What a raining day...^_^
Cuteeeeeee mall decoration..! ^^

That my new new shoessssss wow! super like and suitbale to wear it. 
The color was sooo pretty and it cheaper. :)  babe!

Yeaaaaaaah...! Finally i found this beeen search over the top each time i went to bookstore...! It's PRAGUE!!!!!! Honestly i don't think many people knew this place or maybe it just me has think like this well....back to my story here...i always wanted to go here someday as the place really nice and really classic! so i really hoping can go there someday....Wish me can go there..hahahhaha ::) *fingercrossed*
Aaaaaaaw! my favorite part!!!! never gone form my eye! kekekeke

Seeeeee this selling Their story never end stilll can feel till this magazine. haha:P
wish i can experience those someday.! hahaha

What the most comfortable place to reading book here..definitely like my second home. hahaha
i always spending my time here read those book story and magazine. hehehe:P  and the view form here totally amazing as u can all size very clear and the city. hoot
Okay...Christmas coming soon sooo now all those shopping malls a having a Big Salessss
and i really dyinggggg to buy those specially it's BIG SALES!!!!!

Hope you guys having a great days and don't forgot having a big shop for Christmas! hehe:) MUST....:)
I sure there many big sales around you place! ^_^ 

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  1. AHHH!! you know what?! I'm going to prague at the end of next month! woohoo!! i'm so excited hahah :p