Friday, 23 December 2011

A day we always remeber:)

Aaaaawww! that sweeeet ^_^

haha:P that howwww cute pose form them~~~~hehe:P


Our random photo of  our legssss~~~


The b'day cake of our dear big bosssss at home~~~^_^

Yeahhhhh! it's our Daddy big days! hehe:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY dad! you really getting old now but you looking great and strong! hehhe:) and hope in this big day you willl always stay in good healthy and may all you wish come true and i hope that you will always stay good and very2 healthy b'cus i still need to treat you for the whole life and paid back what has you done for us and teach us about this life..Raising us really not a easy job and i know that u have been through alot of hard time but you never give up to us and i really glad that you always be a good father to us. i promise i will work hard to earn money so that you can traveling around the world and goood eat something nice and delicious. *fingercrossed* and i really hope that i can give you all the best thing in the world just like what you give to us and i really hope that i can make it and do it. hehe:)  i know i not always a good daughter to you and but i will try and will trying my best tooo give you the best things in the world. and i hope that you will kept stay in goood healthy and strong and GBU. ^_^


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