Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm Moving~~~

Ooooooh! i love the dooor like thisssss! hehehe:)
hohohoooooooo stillll messssy~~~
so, that the new place where we staying now but still abit messy around. hehehe:P

Soooo...YESSS! we found a house nowwwww! and hereeeeeee is our new house after a weeek after tired moving all those thingsss! OMG! u will never know how it feeels when you really about to moving to another new place. hehe i mean, Seriously it sooo damn tired man! but thank god everything went goood and ofcourse the HOUSE look great and awesome! super like it"! honestly...this new house really sooo expensive than our previously the the house rent was super cray price man! it cost us thousand something and seriously i quite surprise with the price when my dad told us but since we really rush to find a new house soooo yeah it really make me kinda sad with the price as you the economics was not really stabil lately sooo haix.....hehehe:P and the weather everyday raining and it's heavy raining! huhuhuhuu what the season raining this month. hehe:)

but anyway the house just fine and look great and we(whole family) really like it. :) now we been living here about a week now and so far everything here goood just one i hate the mossssst is sooo hard to ge through the line to online here soo i hate it! hehehhe:P sometimes i have to wait about 1 hours to get through the line. that the worst! huh...

Misss yea! :)