Thursday, 29 December 2011

It our 13th Anniversary !!! :) ♥

Hi everyone! hope everyone doing gooood there:) Miss yea! XoxO
Yo..yo...yo...yoo! watssup! how everyone doing? gooood? hehe:) well...well..well.. i hope everyone doing good and BTW how the christmas celebration? i guess it awesome right? hehehe^_^ Here we go again with new year? OMG! did i just mention new year? Ohhhhhh Nooooooo! a few more day will new year and we about tooooo 2012 !!! Argggggggg! can't believe it Time has goooone soooo fast leh :)
Sooo yesterday I and my wife n husband went for dinner to celebrate our 13th anniversary sooo we went to Upperstar Restaurant which is very famous one at my town and basicly it like western more than local. but they did sell some local food which is very nice one and also all those western food. hehe:) #Yummy! it tiime tooo feed my stomach! hehe:P and we having our dinner like about 2hours or more..i think soo.. ehehehe while we eat we talk alot of things and of course the most TOPIC would be my husband**Just get engaged last month**  as she now oon her progress to plan her VERY OWN FAIRY TALE WEDDING~~~stilll can't believe that she really get engaged and sooon will be get married. huh! stilll can't believe...:(   
but i sure she make a right decision and i believe that she will be a great wife to her future husband. ^_^

okay back to story last night! hehehehe:) well..last night was soooo sweeet and i have a ton of idea about her wedding plan! hahhaa:P and one of it like TWILIGHT wedding...hahahha:D ofcourse have tooooo seee what kind of theme would she choooose. hehehe:P and the mosst important is we celebrate our 13th years of our friendship which is super long and thank to god we still have a each other and still that the most precious present that i can ask more. and the night was sooo sweet and make a little wish for it and hope for next2 year that come we still together and may this new year will fill our wish and hope the 2012 will be a better year for threee of us and our future. *fingercrossed* :) 

Although the cake just in slice but stillll happy that we get each other hereeeee! to celebrate our 13 years of relationship as a friends and ofcourse it's our Anniversary. :)

Happy sweeet 13th anniversary Friendship ♥♥♥

P/s: I call my two best friend is wife and husbands! hehe:) they just like my husband and wife:) 


  1. Beautiful blog. :)

    Now following you.

  2. have a wonderful new year! xx

  3. woah 13 years!
    So AWESOME1! ;D

    I wish you all happiness in your friendship :)


  4. wow 13 años, felicidades :) debe ser una hermosa amistad. cuidense, quieranse y jamás se alejen .. tener alguien en quien confiar es lo mas hermoso del mundo.

    Lindo blog :) Saludos

  5. ♥ MISSABEGAILA♥: Awwwww! thank you:)

    Natalie Suarez: thank you! :)you toooo:)

    Dana Yoshimizu: thank you dana! :)

    Valentina Antonia: thank you:)

    Harija: thank you! :) you tooo:)

    Francesca: yes!! hehe:)

    M.W.: :)