Monday, 5 December 2011

My Graduation days♥♥! 12/05/2011

Hoorayyy..! Finally I graduate already!wow! can believe it! :) ♥♥
Well..that us after the ceremony done here we are..throwing our hatt! haha:P 

♥That Meeee....♥

Snap again with those moments. 

 That my lovely class mate...! all preeetty ladies owh..wakaka:D

We share a same name(ALICE) and we really like a couple sometimes..haha:P 
Here we are again...... ^_^

Okay, this was after the ceremony done..and pic with our dresss on that night... u can seee on the left side. haha:P 

This my beautiful Big Sister which i alwasy call her OKASAN..haha:P 

Hahah:P let me introduce my super girls class mate...haha:P on the back is @josephine F, @Shufen, @Aleciana, @Yawen and last is our Oldest is @Rich ^_^

This TOURISM &HOSPITALITY BATCH...! The most amazing friends i ever meet and knows. they're the besssst! 

First is Meee, @Aleciana, @shufen, @Dorothy and last is our most FUNNY woman in this class @josephine S

We in the Black and Yellow Moood.. :) 

that how happy us at this moments. 
@Jospehine F, @Meee, @Aleciana, @Shufen,@Dorothy,@Josephine s 

Yeah....Peace yooo! :)


My preeeety big sister... ^_^

 Snap those #Yummy Fooood....^_^ 


On this beautiful 12/05/2011..... ♥♥

Hooorayyyy...! I'm finally a graduation student now and officially i finished my study...sooo happy and yeah..excited for what has waiting for me outside there even though I finished my study last year but yeah..convocation still need to feel it. haha::D  well, the ceremony was going welll not just well but SUPER WELL OHGOSH...if i can flash back those night i really soooo willing to do it again...hahaha:P even though it not like what i expect it but at least it was enjoying moment and it reallly soooo much fun on it. :) as the weather abit raining outside there but t he night still look elegant and romantics. hehehe:D

The atmosphere on that nigh was crazy man! as we(my class mate) kept sings louder and kept make those noisy sound but it yeah....! thanks to us that night was soo much fun and Happening cus i think without us noisy there at atmosphere was soo quite and boring. hihihihihi^_^ so credit to Tourism N hospitality batch!!! :)  the music was great and all was our favorite and of course we sings along even there no mic but still enjy in on our table. haha:P the food was good but haix.....hahaha:D  And it really abit emotion night but stilll nobody tears sooooo hooray! but deeply in our heart it :((((
Although it been awhile we our gather together but our relationship was soo good and still like a old time when we still study together. :)  
talk about this, really miss my old time at college and make those Trips around, really remind me alot! but Life stilll need to moving on. Anyways, the night was great and everybody enjoy the moment and I'm glad i can meet those people in my life and it really light my life although there was UP n DOWN but those really good enough for me to experience it. and it like my second family so thanks you guys and  

I love you guys very-very strong . thanks for teach me and show me what i never see before. Friendship will never end will always continues to the end of the world. ^_^♥♥



  1. Girlie Blogger: thank you dear! :P hoping will get a better one soon:P

    Loveforfood : thank you! :P have a great days:)

  2. happy graduation :)
    congrats :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  3. Congrats, finally after a long time it must felt like! xoxo

  4. awww congrats congrats congrats!!! you look so pretty in your cap and gown :)!!!

  5. Hello, just letting you know that I've moved to a new blog and if you're still interested, you can follow me there!

    p.s. congrats and good luck!

  6. Avellia: Hi, thank for the comments:) have a great days:)

    Cindy, fashionsbeauty: AaaaaW1 thanks yeah! :) yups! it really feeell sooo much relieved now. hehe:) but really miss the college time:)

  7. Lisa : AaaaaW! thank you! omg can believe that u still get time for my blogs as now u already moving to Germany sooo it's kinda hard for you tooo online. hehe:) anyways, thank you^^

    Chloe Nghiem : thanks, definitely will follow u back:)

  8. Ah, congratulations on graduating! It must feel like such a relief ^___^ , but exciting of course!!

  9. Congratulations on graduating ^_^ I wish I can graduate already too... T_T New follower btw, hehe! Looking forward to new posts! And you're Indo-Chinese too, hehehe <3

  10. Congrats hun!!!
    ^___^ How exciting!

    & the food looks so good too ;) haha


  11. Rai Kanda: Aaaaaw! thank you! :) yeha..excited ofcourse hope future is bright! haha:D

    Tiara : awwww! haha:D thank you! nevermind soooon u will graduate right? yes...i am...are u tooo? indo chinese? hehe:)

    Dana Yoshimizu : Thank yoooou! :) yes...i know u sooooo addicted with foooooods yeah...haha:P