Sunday, 11 December 2011


{ There is many things that happens to me til sometimes i really don't know how to deal it. people always said that "Time will deal everything" in our life. but there sometimes it work but there is sometimes it really doesn't like what people been talking about. for the most a year now, there many i overcome to realize and value of my life now, maybe there's no one will understand what i been experience and feel about my life. people will always hold their own judgement to each other they see in their daily life. but i can understand now really well about myself now, why i soo sentimental sometimes even it a small things but i tears for it. but it what i been kept on my heart before so i never let it out and it became a big scar on my life. it's not a pain but it's is a SCAR that never gone from my life. it like a big alarm for me as i growing up as human being. I didn't understand why it happen on me ,why it has to be and happen on me. i did really question these but i know i will never really get a exactly answer for ever question i has on my mind. it's like never gone from my mind and the most worst is i still remember how clean was it. 
i never trust anyone in my whole life even how small matters was it cus i been learn form my past and honestly i dunno how to trust someone in my life or having someone in my life. since i was a kids i been training like a boy to became tough . i never regret how was it but i regret that why i has to going through this kind of life that i never ask for. that always make me wonder soo much how crazy was that. and i really know soo well how it feels and how weak we are to accepted this kind of faith happen. 
it did toook much longer time to deal and make you mind cool down with everything's. i really hate how it turn but what more can i ask for everything happen. but i make my self promise that i wont let it happen again. if can just let me the last person happen on. cus it really took a very strong minds for it and has to turn everything's in positive way. i took a thousand days to overcome what has happen on me and understand it. not a easy work but i has to do this for myself. and it really took my whole life to brave all what i has to fight out for my future. as time goes by, i learn it by take a small change and kept the faith together with god and always believe what he has for me and take me to the right place. }

Hope the someday will come to me and make my small wish came true... :) #thathowlifegoes


  1. I'm not entirely sure what you're going through,
    but you stay strong hun <3
    And if ever you need someone, you've got all of us here on blogger :)


  2. Girlie Blogger: Yeahhhh~~that right...:)

    Dana Yoshimizu: hahahaha:D awwww..thank you dana! really appreciation it. gonna be very strong nowww! hehehee:P

  3. aww hon i hope everything is ok!! we're here for you chica!!

  4. Stay strong. Life willl look up! Time does heal everything :))

    I love your writing style. It's beautiful :) xoxo

  5. Lisa: hahaha:d thank you! feel much more love...hehe:) have a great days:)

    Nicole: thank youuu! :) gonna stay very strong nooow! have a nice days:)

  6. Time might not heal things but it makes u learn; & one day when u look back, u'll be laughing at it :D
    Cheer up girl!

  7. jenellenee: thank you:) i sure it will. hehe:P