Thursday, 1 December 2011

Welcome December 2011..!

Knock..knock!! it DECEMBER 2011 the very last month of 2011! OMG! can you actually believe it already December..huh..time did gone so fast just like other month. hrmmmm......

Just like my previous post for each month, Time gone soo fast and soon world gonna enter to 2012 in just a few week more. for each month i did make a wish that hope everything going well and hope the wish i pray for did happen but unfortunately still now answer but i will kept pray for it and wait the time for me.I'm sure somewhere in a small place, there will be a great present for me. hehe:) *fingercrossed*

This month gonna be very special month for everyone as it the last month of 2011 and i sure everyone will goes the same wish just like i say hoping the next year will a better year than this. hope everything went good and yeah..good things will come alot! :) at the same time celebrate this Christmas at 25 December definitely something that we all been waiting so i really hope you guys enjoy it and have a great days.^_^

and guess just first December but music is everywhere now and the Christmas tree is everywhere now with the beautiful decoration on malls. Aaaaw! soon i will decorate my house but maybe this year will not decorate my house as we gonna moving to somewhere which is not yet confirm but for sure is moving so not sure yet wherever there is Christmas event run on my family. hehe:P anything just hoping the very best to my family now. hope can found a house sooon. *fingercorssed* :) 


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