Thursday, 12 January 2012

Experince on HSP! ♥♥

Yayyyy! This was mine little sister last day outing actually. hehe:) as she was having an operation on her legs which is last week(on 05/01/12). Now resting at home tilll 6 weeks then have to going back to hospital meet the Doctor for the further check.  for now everything was good and she doing much better now then the past few day ago. thank god everything went smoothly and nothing bad new at all it just there a few but for now not really serious matter at all for my L.sister legs. sooo hopefully the x-ray result will come with a GoOOOOoooOOOd news for us(family). *fingercrossed* Amen. 

Speaking about my TITLE on this possssst! EXPERIENCE ON HOSPITAL ♥♥. It something that i reallly feel funny sometimes when i think it back again. i staying in Hospital for taking a good care of my L.sister while she at hospital for the past 5 days at there. *i became a Personal Nurse** HAhahahha:D  I dunno why but since like i kinda sooo attract toooo the Doctor..? b'cus it not a first time actually it's my second times already get my eye on Doctor. wuahahahah:) but ofcourse not like super like or love it just ATTRACT on it for awhile.  hehehe:) Stilll fresh remember my first crush on this good looking guy,smart and a great doctor always taking a good care of he patients. specially toooo my L.sister toooo:) 
*P/S: previously my L.sister left hands was broken soo have to cement it but have to  stay at hospital for a weeks for the further check. hehe:)

hrmmm just call this 1st Mr A and 2nd Mr B12.. ^_^  okay this Mr A i really like he as a fans! haha:D still remember when i going buying some stuff at this small retails shop at hospital there and suddenly this Mr A appear n ask me if i borrow enough money to buy that Box Tissue soo i said that " actually then he offer me some money to buy that Box tissue and he went off too lift with other doctor n me going back to my L.sis room and kept that box tissue til now and i not yet use those tissue for the long time. haha:D but now i can finally use it as it been a very long time already kept it. huahahhaa:D 
but now that feel back again with this Mr B12 which is also good looking ,smart and ofcourse! a goooood personality!:P really like he styles just admire the way he is like to kidding/joke around and everything soooo soft about he but not for love. *dont get me wrong** but he does have a gooood package actually and i sure many girls around he definitely will like him. 

anyway having a good time at hospitals although it bored but i did learn something from there and will clear remember for it and staying at hospitals for the 5 days was something that i will take as my daily study knowledge that i will use it for my everyday life. seeing those patients having any kind of sick/disease that them have to deal it even it pain so much but for life and they family, they have to stay strong and deal those pain. i wish all those patients will get well soon no matter what kind of pain they have i pray for it and hope everything will back normal and have a happy life with they family. :) 
I wish and pray for all of it and hope there is miracle to every disease that people have in this world will get well and stay in good healthy. *fingercrossed** Amen.

"Life very short for us to think back those memories that already past, we need to move on just like everyday was a new life,beginning for us to step on this reality world. Always gratefully with what you have today b'cus you will never know what you might lost for tomorrow and regret for it might too late for you ask a chance again no matter how does the situation are. "


Love yea
♥Alicesan ♥


  1. super cute! love it :)


  2. I'm not a fan of hospitals... Never had good experiences (but then why would you go to the hospital for fun??) Anywho, I'm loving your blog! I'm definitely following!! You're very cute! Would love if you checked out my blog too!

    1. haha:) it sound like i kinda having fun of hospital right but i dunno why it sound like going to hspt and make it look fun. hehehe:)

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    1. Awww! thank you:P just a random post here:)

  4. I like so much this post. Well done.

  5. Cute Blog! Keep updating!