Saturday, 28 January 2012

When I Rolling With Sony Wx-30~ ♥!

Hahaha:D Do you like my new hair styles hereeeee! 

Okay! I gotta admit that i did have a wide forehead actually....hehe:)

 Hahaha~~~♥♥Snap my self in this CAMERA really rolling me too deeply already. haha:) U can see how crazy I am. but i not really good in taking picture with Angles soo U can consider this is the training lesson for me to learn it. hihihi:) Cus i hear when you holding or carry camera around, you have to know each angles n side which one is the best part when you taking a picture. so i think i have to learn that n it really work actually. Cus not every angles n side really look nice on me.. hehe:) soo gotta work on it! hehe:P bt no matter which side,angles,part u taking is Every pieces of the picture will look GREAT N PRETTY with a good CAMERA! hahah:) AND ofcourse doesn't mean have to be EXPENSIVE one.. hehee^_^  Cus nowadays everything is soo modern n we have alot of those APPLICATIONS  PHOTOSHOP which can make you look better on those picture and u can edit2 more n put whatever u want. So basically everything is already been prepared for all we need to look good on picture. hee:)  n YESSS!! i did using some of the application of my picture too look good n preeeety! hehehehe:) Sooo Dont worried!

And I hope everyone doing well in this wonderful day:) and still in CNY mooood! hehehehe:) 
really need to haunted some Ang Pow noooow! Have to get it alot! hahhaha:D 
soo FRIENDS get ready gonna Haunted you house for my next Ang Pow.  :P


  1. Yes I agree with you that you don't need an expensive camera to take amazing pictures! So many teenagers these days are wasting their money buying expensive cameras when they could have just bought a less expensive one! :D

  2. i love ur lace top, your blog is just lovellyyyyy by the ways, i will be visiting it again hehe :)

  3. Hi girl! you look so kindly and nice :) love your top! :) what about to follow each other? :)

  4. you look so lovely!!

    XO, Carmen
    pls look also at my blog and become a friend,

  5. stephanie: Yes! i super agree with u! :) nowadays those application for edit2 u picture kinda alot of them did. but if you lazy to edit2 it sooo u can just buy a camera with alot of program like those application! haha:) ofcourse it will price alot! :)

    Ria :): Aaaaw! thank you:) definitely will visits u blog! :)

    Báš: Phewwww! thank you! it really such a sweet form u! :) sure.

    Carmen: Thank you! :) **happy** !

    devorelebeaumonstre: Thank you! :) *happy**

    Emy: AaaaaW! thank you Emy! :) **happy**