Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blogs AWARDS! :)

Phewwwwww! This is awesome! i just get awarded by this lovely ladies  sooo guys pay a visit to her blogs cus she got AWESOME stuff there! :) 

Thanks yea!:) and wanna say thank to all my reader here, my lovely followers, for comment on my blogs and let me improved more and kept write on this blogs. sooo credit to all of you guys! :) those inspiration comment, the people I've meet here definitely let me know more about fashion, trendy, make up, songs....and more! All i can said is A great opportunities to being here and happy being here! :)<3<3

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm seeking my road.


  In some of time i feels much alive but feel much of death. 
the death that i never cross my heart for it, 
the alive crossing with the death i play for moment
stuck with without stop the beat of you rhythms heart
like lying in huge landscape of field to feel again the space
between the heart been beat for
nothing to stand for but learning the progress like 
a big scar each time stepping on it.
whether it good or bad still 
the process of life still need to go on
with everyday come and go.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Big Bang is back with ALIVE!

Aaaaw! Believe meeeee big bang is back with new soooong, new look, new of them! Mygod! The song "BLUE" was sooooooo awesome n great with the melody and it really get my ears on it! :) I mean, BigBang song does make everyone wait right? sooo here again, never let US down with their new single song "BLUE". SERIOUSLY! how can it bee soo much DEEP  and LYRICS. after all those things happen on LAST YEAR  sure this song maybe one of the reason it be. hehe:) i mean just hear the way their sing n the lyrics really mean something soo deep so definitely was a great song. no matter how the story inside the song stil it a great SONGS right? hehe:) I hope their song will get alot of people support and yups! hope the best for them this time:) <3<3 Hwaiting! ♥ ♥

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Most Precious About Them To Meeee :)

I know you guys must be wondering why my post is about those guys, well, let me tell you story we goooo...!!!

The first time i know them is on radio actually, it really funny because that time i just a high school student and about that time, no so many people know about K-POP OR KOREA ARTIST GROUP back then. so i just kept hearing them song keep repeat on radio so i decide to get more information about them and them kept on TV every time  i turn the TV so in the slow-slow motion getting in love with their song and i became a BIG FANS of their! so yeahhhhh i just a BIG FANS of their till now. their just soo amazing and i really love their soo much. 
K-pop NOW soooooooooooo super high around the world and Korea is the trendy of music dance country now around the world and it attracted so much fans from all the world. Back to my story ..hehe:P knowing them just through media is something i just can get along because back then i just a child. i always buy their picture and put in on my diary book and always talk to it became my very best friends till now. i always talk with them even though it just a picture that cant even listen too but i feel better each time when i do it. it's sound like crazy right? but yess! it does happen on me actually! haha:D i mean do everybody does it too? heehehhehehehe:) there's is something about them kept me loving them and i really adore them as my big PART of mylife. without them i think i will never knowing KPOP.! 

N knowing them apart now really broke my heart and i when i first know the new i was like "Awww! this could not be real!!!" i mean how can such a great musicians n person can being apart like this. but i know deep in their heart them really wanna be together n went through together again but with those situation what happen around them really make it soo difficult n complicated for them to make again.n them even more feel the lost than US but in some what we just never understand how they really feels actually. cus them even more in pain,upset and depressed what have happen around them. 

They didn't wish this happen but for sure time couldn't not bring the time already past between them. so i did feel regret, unhappy with this have happen but i believe that someday them will be back again together to make a beautiful music and i hope that day will really come for them. n as a FANS to them i wish all the best luck for everything to them and hope really hope i can MEET them and it really my biggest wish. :) I really hope that them friendship will last forever:)

although them now doing a very well in this industry but i really wish/hope/pray that them can performance again in one stage. MUSIC never stop them achieved and kept grow up. soo i really thumps up for them. NEVER STOP THE MUSIC TVXQ FOREVER! <3<3

         I'm forever TVXQ fans! :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yo're my sweet moment! :)

Oh Yummmmmy! yes! i bake cake on other day and guess what i do it till 4:00am in the morning! oooh gosh! it really soo tiring work but i enjoy it! hehehe:) 
and honestly it been awhile didn't bake cake since i moved to new house! haha:D soooo yups! everything is worth and just in two day my cake finished by my family member! haaaahahhaa:D

Now really need to work on that taste more! hehe:) next time really need to do bigger and different taste! :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Ideal Dreaming:D


HAPPY VALENTINE DAY people!I hope you guys have a wonderful days at this valentine days. <3<3 
Here my random though of my ideal man or bf  IN THIS VALENTINE DAY. hahaha:D i mean ofcourse everyone have their own ideal man! sooo DOOOOO I. :P  and my ideal man non of others is 
T.O.P Choi Seung Hyun
he one of the big bang member top korean singer! :) he soooo Handsome, a strong charisma,cute, very cool  and the most of it he really can make a joke and make you laugh like crazy!!! :) The way he look, smile really can melt you HEART! 
Can i meeet someone like heeeeeee?
welllll.................. *Wink** ^_^
Ooooooh! I hope N i wish i can meeet he someday! *waiting the day come* Anyway! 


Monday, 13 February 2012

OOOOh~~my cute pimples! :P

OOOhhhh! My little cute pimples became like this! Ohgooooosh! i though it was gonna be fine and nothing wrong after i pich it and the next morning i wake up and it became like thisssssss! OOOOOh  i was sooooo shock by it and i almost gonna cry of it! hahaha:P 
BT i know it will fine it just take a few days only to recover this *i hope** and my face will became as usually! hehe:) it like became my moles nooooow! haha:) when i went out for awhile i find out that i looook awkward with my face! haha:) Maybe this little "MOLE" loooook dark n bigger on my face. hohohohoho:) anyways! i sure my face will get back normal in a few days:) hehehee:)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Holla February~♥

Hollllla~~~~How everyone doing? Hoping everyone doing good with this new year and more this year bring n double happiness to you :) well, as i am, i can confidently said that from the past years, been kinda tough years but still can get through it. but this year feels soo bright and fresh as the beginning of the year was very good and everybody was having a good time. and it really good beginning actually. and i very like it! hope very year could be like this. hehe:P  So yups! Here it's February on it's way to going day by day and as like usually Time did goes soo fast and it's 2012 now! Hoohooooohoooo that how my 2011 year goes by and here now February 2012 is getting fast and we really out of time to waste it. soo PEOPLE get u time to doo all you wanna do it before it too late. hehe^_^   ohyeah! This month will be a special n romantics month to every LOVER? Guessss! It's VALENTINE DAYs!!!!!'s is! haha:D so what you guys plan for this coming VALENTINE DAYs well, hope u guys having a great time n romantics days with the love on. for me, well, as u guys know, i'm a single lady soooo yeah no with someone just by myself. i mean,  get too used it not that desperate to have someone yet. haha:D still i still enjoy my life by myself and gonna treat my self for this valentine days. maybe going watch movie, shopping n adventure some foods! haha:) n plus i the person who really love to enjoy by myself and love myself more! kakakaka:P and if u guys did know a guys that nice u should intro me someday! hahahhaa:D *just joke* 

ohgosh! I could't not wait to haunted those shopping malls!!! it been awhile since i get too shopping man! really needed it! and FOODS! have to get it far away from now as i start to kept fit/diet soo have to control my daily meals now! HAVE TOO!!! 
ALICE!!! Gambateh ne! <3<3♥♥ but You know what when FOODS in you eyes! u just can't stop starring it and it really make me feeels shift sometimes! hehehe:D
♥♥Having Wonderful Valentine Days ♥♥

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My first Try on Eyeslashes~ :)

Tadaaaaa! Welcome toooo my very first try on mine Eyelashes! :) 

Ohhhh~~~ my new collection! haha:P just bought it ! :) 
this will kpet remind me that i have work hard so that i can gooooooHERE!
Londooooooon! Wait meeee! :) 

Hi guys!  i just done my very first fake eyelashes! haha:D Honestly i not soo good with this things but since it a trend so i should learn it who know i might use it in someday! soo here the things! i just grab my Sister make up boxes and run i into few of  fake eyelashes in the boxes i couldn't not believe that my sister actually almost have it all kind of fake eyelashes! that crazy! :) 
So i just try some of it and here the result when i wearing or use fake eyelashes! and it look good and i can see my eyes bigger than my usually eyes! hahaha:P it look great and i think I'm sooo with fake eyelashes now! huh! hehehe:P 

Now i get it why eyelashes one of the most important things to Girls! and i can seee those make up box fully with eyelashes! hahahaha:D just like my sister have! 

Anyways, Have a great days n wonderfully day:)  
February just start~~~ hehehe:) 

Holla February 2012 ^_^